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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • marriage

    Could someone please pray that me and the one I love will find the money to get married ? We will be fine if we just get the money to get married.. We just don't really have the option of borrowing the money.. My dad left me some money in a trust when he passed.. But I can not touch it till I am married.. I am praying for everybody here.. And wish you all the best.. Thank you, and God bless
  • Some prayers

    Hi, I have a few different things that I would like prayer for:
    -Please, Lord, help me to be able to follow through with my payment for the power company. Please provide the funds. Thank you for allowing me to split the payments while I figure out how to pay them.
    -Please help my mom get this job if it's your will or help her get training for this type of job and provide the funds for the training and supply a job somewhere else. Please help the employers to see what an asset she would be to the company if it is your will.
    -Please give me the money I need for the car repairs, urgent house repairs, catch up on all my bills and for food, gas etc.
    Thank you, everyone, for praying with me

    I have two prayer requests, first pray for my mother who is in the hospital for the third time this year dealing with some internal bleeding that the doctors cannot detect. Pray that the next procedure they are doing will garish results so they can fix the problem.

    second, for me...strength to overcome my weakness of the flesh and my immoral thoughts. Pray for God's intercession on my behalf, that He will help me turn from the ways of man and look for His strength when I am tempted, that He will show me an escape from my thoughts and my sins.

    thank You for your prayers!
  • marriage falling apart

    my marriage has been battling so many obstacles and I don't feel like I have the strength or want to keep moving forward-this frightens me. my husband has been unemployed for quite some time. the stress of being financially responsible for my household and step-kids has taken a huge toll on me. my husband is in the middle of an ugly custody battle. the stress has effected my work performance. it is difficult for me to see the benefit of being married in knowing if I was separated I would have the resources to take care of my child and myself. My step-kids aren't appreciative of what I do in an effort to provide for them...and on most days it seems like my husband overlooks my sacrifice and concerns. I am not getting the support I need from my marriage-I question if I will ever feel fulfilled in this marriage. I hate thinking this way.
  • praise the lord

    I wrote on here a week our so ago asking on prayers for my health and guidence on my job. Well my blood work came back great, whatever was in my system my body took care! PRAISE THE LORD!! I have also made the decision as to waht job would be more beneficial mto my family, ...Thank you so much for all your prayers imreally appreciate them. I havemto go in again in novenber to retest so please continue the prayers. THANK YOU!!
  • Son is an addict

    Please pray for my son. He is an alcoholic and an addict and he has been in and out of treatment centers for the past year. He wants to be clean but has not surrendered to GOD yet. Please pray that he surrenders and will finally put his trust in GOD. He can't fight this bondage alone!
  • mother

    my 94 year old mother went to hospital with cardiac problems
  • housing

    Looking for new house to move into and am Needing some prayer for my family of 5!!
  • I am sorry

    You will never be to far away! the Lord loves you and see you blameless, all you need to do is ask the Lord to wash you white as snow, accept His son Jesus Christ into your heart and walk with Him. Dig into His word!! He loves you and knows your heart. There was a criminal that died next to Jesus at the cross that He forgave and was with Him in Paradise that day. Its never too late. Connect with someone to help you walk through this. Sometimes its really hard to find the right person but keep trying and never give up.
  • I am sorry

    I am at the end of my rope. I am not a good person, never have been, even though I have tried to become one. I know I will never meet God. My sins are too serious. To everyone I have hurt, I am sorry.