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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My bird/finch (Jollie)

    PLEASE pray for my bird (finch) Jollie who was left out of his cage and somehow injured his right eye yesterday, which is massively swollen and the eye is shut. He is such a sweet & joyful little guy and still is and I hate seeing him this way and feel guilty for leaving him out. I don't want him to be blind or to get infection (etc.), but to heal completely. THANK YOU.
  • My fiance

    For my fiance to run to God with his problems. To move forward in our relationship instead of being stuck in the past.
  • Cancer

    My husband has esophageal cancer and has just finished 40 days of radiation and will finally come home tomorrow from The Cancer Treatment Center in Phoenix AZ. We live in WA state. It has been a very difficult journey. We are very faithful people and know that God's Will Be Done. We have only been married 3 years....before that I was married for 29 years and my husband suddenly passed away. After 2 years of misery I prayed to God to send me a companion. Well, he sent me my husband and now he has cancer. Yes, it was devastating. I don't ask why anymore I only give thanks. Thy Will Be Done. I ask for prayer for my husband to be healed of this cancer. Blessings to all who read this.
  • My aching feet

    Please pray for the healing of my feet, im young and have 3 kids that need mommy to play with them. I have plantar faciitis and it hurts to be on my feet. it makes me so tired just getting thru the day and I want to sit or lie down when I get time from work. I have no energy left for them...
  • Prayer for direction peace and physical healing

    I am asking for prayer that God would confirm the direction and decision I feel he is leading me in. I also ask that he would bring me peace and complete healing in my body! Thank you so much for your prayers . It is so comforting to know other believers are prayer for you!
  • Sister's health

    My sister is afraid she might have some type of cancer , please pray the result come back negative . She is my best friend and I just could not loose her . She is very scared I pray every day prayers of comfort over her please, and a blesssing of health
  • Grief and anxiety

    My dad passed away more than two months ago. Since then it feels like I've been swept into this whirlwind of anxiety and depression... I have anxieties Everyday and it makes my body, mind and spirit hurt so bad. I know that Jesus loves me and cares about me and maybe there's a plan and purpose for all this pain but I can take it anymore... I'm crying out to him again and again and I just feel so lost.. I wanna feel normal again... I wanna feel alive again...
  • cancer

    I think I might have tongue cancer. I started chewing tobacco at a very young age. I know how it sounds. It has been something I have never been able to beat. I have also lost most of my teeth from it. I know I should quit, but until I get my teeth fixed, I don't think it would be a good idea. I pray to God I don't have cancer, and I guess for a financial blessing, so I can get my teeth fixed. I know one thing, they are not taking my tongue. I will die first. hoping for a miracle. I wanted to be a pastor. That was always my dream. You can't preach without a tongue. Thank you to those who pray. God bless
  • Prayer for my Brother

    Please Pray for my Brother Andy who is battling with his children mother over there kids. Pray for him that God will would be done in the Best interest for the children. He isn't fighting custody for them he is only wanting to be part of there life and share custody with mother. So please help me Pray that God will open doors for him and that he is able to get whatever the court ask of him to do. I trust that the Good Lord will use this Bad situation for good so he maybe Glorified at the End. God is The Great I Am and we trust in him and have great Faith in him. Please pray. For him Andy and his situation.
  • Husband favor with boss

    Husband has been commuting 3 hours to work and being gone twice/week for several years. I've taken breaks from my preschool job to travel with him & also be available to watch my grandson when my daughter worked. Please pray his boss will allow him to have accounts near home so he can stop traveling so much