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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • What do I do Lord!?!?! Help me please!

    Before I got this job I am at now, I prayed & said to God: "Please only give me this job if its part of your plan Lord, if its not, then I don't want it." I've only been here since March 2015. Its an awesome job, but I feel that God is calling me to go to bible college. I have my resignation letter ready, but nervous to turn it in. I'd like to stay at this job, but my heart & my Lord is pulling me toward school. Yesterday I was bombarded with ppl telling me they glad I got this job, that I'm the right person for the job, & encouraging me to stay (nobody knows I'm leaving yet, so it was odd for that to happen). So, I am confused by all of this. Please pray for me: discernment, wisdom, peace, confidence about my descion to go, my emotions, trusting God completely, being led by peace, fearlessness when turning in my letter, etc. THank you.
  • (no subject)

    Pray for me to have a life partner . I like to get married and have a good life. I am from Srilanka .
  • Sick

    I have a bad cold I can't shake and it has taken a toll on me pray I heal soon
  • baby

    my son's ex gf is saying that he is the father of her baby and he said she told him it's not his but now says it is. Please pray this resolves soon. I am very upset.
  • Son/daughter to learn fast at new job

    Praise God all three of our adult children (2 sons & daughter) have jobs! Two of them start today (different towns)! Prayer is that they learn fast & are godly expels at work...thank you so much!
  • sarah and cody

    I pray the Lord stands post in between & with Cody and Sarah NOW and stands post in between & with their relationship together NOW, & that the Lord stays there in the midst of them always, and immediately mediates for them through His Love and Sacrifice, quickly improving their communication, self control, wisdom, love, tolerance, understanding, commitment, devotion, peace, joy, endurance, harmony, faithfulness, mercy, favor, strength, fortitude, perseverance, affection, pleasure, cheerfulness, good will, happiness AND gentleness FOR EACH OTHER AND EACH OTHER ONLY, WITH AND IN CHRIST OUR KING, THROUGH HIM AND ONLY IN HIM, FOR ALL OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE TOGETHER. in Jesus Christ our Savior's Name, we pray, Amen.
  • Job at home

    Please pray for my husband today. he has a phone interview for a job that will bring him home to his family. He currently works out of town and it is hurting our family. Please pray he gets the life safer job. Thank you
  • My Brother - Military

    Please pray with me that my brother has a safe flight and experience during his bootcamp training for the Marines and that he and fellow military soldiers are also always protected during their combat. And please pray for all of the soldiers for their safe arrival home and please give thanks to those who have layed their lives down so that we can be blessed to be free from fear and control.
  • (no subject)

    My son in struggling with drugadiction and he needs a lot of prayers to accept that he needs professional help but more than anything he needs Jesus in his life. My daugther has a strong temper and gets frustrated easily please play that God gives her patients and for her husband to understand her and help her, and for their marriage to succeed. Thank you!
  • Chinese Students

    I am teaching 25 students who arrive from China on July 18 and are here until August 8. My prayer request has two parts. First, I am still short host families for these young students. Please pray that the right homes will open up for these kids to experience American life.
    Secondly, a few of the students have mentioned in their applications that they want to learn more about American church. These kids are from a Communist country, and the group they are traveling with is not a religious organization. Please PRAY that God will use me as I am teaching and host families who are believers to share Jesus with these kids.
    Thanks for your prayer!