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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Military training

    Please keep me in prayer as I leave my wife and job to carryout military training for the next month.
  • Money

    I am in a desperate situation and need God's help to get the money. It is dire.
  • Pleasing

    I am constantly trying to please everyone. From my family to friends and it gets overwhelming. I am not happy pleasing either cause if I please someone the other person will be left out. If I tried to do the right thing it seems like it back fires on me. Everyone does what they please and seemed not to care what others think but I can’t do that. It drives me crazy on why I can’t do what makes me happy and not care what others think. If I let someone down I go days trying to make them up to hem and apologize every chance I get.
  • Can't stop escaping reality

    I can't stop daydreaming, it's consuming my life. All of my strongest hopes and dreams are in things that can't ever happen in reality and it causes me a lot of pain in my heart. It's called maladaptive daydreaming, as a formal diagnosis. I can't help but get sucked into this wonderland that isn't actually good for me. I'm not growing as a person, it's like a hugbox I've created for myself so that I don't have to deal with life. Going back and forth from fantasies to reality was fine before, but as of recent it's so painful to come back. Even if I just refuse to daydream, there's this huge hole in my heart where I know God is supposed to go, but I just can't do it for some reason. I want to, but I can't. I need help.
  • have problems with my heath

    i been having problems with my stomach i just anything little food and i get my stomach full and gets very bloated i dont know what it could be but i know its not normal am so uncountable i just want to sit around and do nothing it drains all my energy i taken laxatives and other meds and it docent seem to fix the problem all i want is some prayers to get better thanks everyone for your prayers
  • Siage 3 Cancer ,,,,Help Me Lord

    Doctors say I have stage 3 Throat Cancer and a Tumor. Seems like everything they try to do goes belly up . My Pastor Of Our Church Says ,,It Has To Be God's Will In Order To Heal. I can't sleep because of the head aches. I am taking medication like its candy and nothing is taking the pain away. I am in pain 24/7 . I keep getting told God Loves me but he won't take the pain away. I am not ready to die. I have 4 children over 18 and 4 grand kids who need me. I have to take time off work from being in so much pain. Can't pay rent or the bill's ,,,what do I do ? HELP ME LORD JESUS ,,,,PLEASE HLPE ME.

    Thank You For Your Prayers
    Guy Wilks
  • bad at relationships

    I am tired of trying to be in relationships, it is the one area that I have always been bad at,...i have been getting to know this girl and I told her I liked her, but she wants to be friends for now, I thought we were at least friends and texted her after finals were over last friday and she isn't even texting me back, and now I am thinking she doesn't even want to be friends for now...like I'm a creep or something (I also deal with anxiety and depression,)..I have dealt with a lot of rejection in my life and she hasn't gotten back to me within a day it makes me feel like there is something wrong with me. I deal with so much anxiety and depression and hurt, what I think and feel are all bad fears.....I probably shouldn't even pursue relationships..I don't know when would be a good time though.
  • Forgiveness

    Praying for a positive breakthrough right now for God to soften and cleanse Dearins heart of All anger, bitterness and resentment from past hurts and pain. Praying for full emotional healing and restoration of a loving , kind and compassionate spirit and soul towards our family, friends and others he interacts with daily. Praying all strongholds of evil are broken. In Jesus Name! Amen!
  • Sick Cat

    Today we found a little kitty who was not in great shape. we have brought him in and taken care of him. He is extremely thin and has some infected teeth. We do not know is he will make it through the night, please pray for him.
  • Prayer for Rudy Sanchez

    I have a nephew in a hospital going through some very difficult medical problems, with kidney, pancreatitis, gastrointestinal problems & gout, he has been in a lot of pain, please pray for him.