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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Husband

    Lord to give him wisdom with some business matters. Willingness to be cautious, he disregards my caution in financial decisions. It's causing friction. I need guidance but dont want division for seeking it
  • Prayer for family member

    Please pray for my daughter in law's father, Ron. He is an amazing husband, father, grandfather, son, brother and second father to my son. Ron is in ICU at UW Medical Center, suffering from an unexplained lung disease and needs The Creator of the universe to miraculously touch Ron's lungs or bring him a new set of lungs very quickly. Ron has very little lung tissue left absorbing oxygen. We are standing on the many promises of God and we are asking everyone to quickly please take a moment to pray for God's Will, or even His permissive Will...whatever will bring this wonderful man time to keep raising his children and grandchildren. We ask for precious and special prayers for the donor and the donor's family. It is so very hard to pray for life for one that may have to happen through the death of another...we are confused but live both through eternity.
  • Next step

    I don't know when to go to college and what God wants exactly for me to do. Please pray that God directs my steps. Thank you.
  • Financial and health healing.

    I was injured very badly in 2000 and 2004 in two car accidents and this changed the course of my life. It completely ruined me financially and my health has never been the same. I want this removed from my life from here on out and want to be completely healed of the migraines, pain, bone spur, spine and shoulder, knee and hip pains. It is debilitating. I want my finances restored. I need to move to a place with few stairs.
  • Mother & sister

    Pls pray mother gets correct medical attention for her back issues & my husband's schedule/heart to be led by Jesus for future planning with her. Sister (36) depends on parents, needs work & deliverance from
    anger issues affecting her life & parents
  • Son's job

    Please pray he will have open door to get benefits at his job. He recently married and needs it more now. Hours just under fulltime
  • Sister needs miracle

    Please pray Rachel's husband will desire reconciliation betweeen
    them instead of divorce and that she will trust Jesus to keep her emotionally stable
  • Complete healing and restoration

    I had been having anxiety and ptsd for about 2 years now. Pray please that God heals me from that and leads me in everyday life.
  • Holy Spirit to work

    Please pray the Holy Spirit will soften family member's hearts to desire God's word and repent of sins, ask Jesus to save them
  • Healing

    Prayer wanted tonight for healing from my ongoing colds and now vomiting. Protection for husband amd grandkids from this virus and quick recovery for me!