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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • friend in trouble

    Please pray for Vijji.. She is from India and has been my friend online for a lot of years.. She is facing very hard trials where she is doubting the goodness of the Lord.. That is the best way I can describe it.. Please pray that God would deliver her from affliction.. And bless her life.. Thank you
  • Wise steward of finances

    Please pray for my friend to be a wise steward of his finances, "know the state of his flocks" and get out of debt and not ever go back or be ok with debt. Help him to live a life free from this bondage and to owe no man anything but to love.
  • (no subject)

    Please pray for me. I've fallen into temptation and I'm repeating it over and over. It hasn't been too far yet but I feel like I'm loosing myself. Please pray for me to find hope and faith. And Lord's cleansing and healing from this sin. Amen.
  • Need help deciding

    I had a stressful situation yesterday and I am having a hard time coping. I ask for prayers that I will get a deep, peaceful sleep and that the issues will resolve. Maybe I just need to move on and remove myself from the situation completely. I am unsure. Thanks.
  • Premarital Sex and Abstenance

    Dear PLR community,
    I thank you for your love for Christ. Please keep it up. I call this home. I am a young man who has never had sex. I have a girlfriend who is also Christian. We made a decision to abstain and not engage in sex before marriage. However it is hard for both of us to do. We haven't done it yet but it looks like a time bomb. Please pray for both of us that eventhough it is hard, we will actually abstain and give the Glory back to God. Thank You and God bless.
  • lacerations

    Please pray for quick complete healing of severe skin lacerations on the legs and that they will not get infected, not leave scars, not be painful and not interfere with work or walking. Thank you.
  • Husband

    For my husband to fall in love with Jesus again and His Word and seek Him daily for wisdom and direction and decisions that need to be made to lead our family.
  • Marriage

    Please pray for my friend who is hurting and lonely and tired. She is married to a non believer who is unloving and disrespectful.
  • Brother in laws salvation

    Please pray for a miracle that my brother in law would repent be broken and humble and surrender to the Lord.
  • Celestial Love

    My girlfriend & I simply ask, that you pray with us! That we love purely... That we seek diligently! the things most pleasing to our Heavenly Father. So we can gain the wisdom, courage and strength. To live Celestial lives... We love and need; you All : )