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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family

    Hi, Not to sure if this is appropriate to pray for but my son is getting married in October this year and we my husband and myself aren't aloud to invite anyone to the wedding we would like to as my brother, sister in law, and my husband would like to ask his sister, brother and sister in law at the least. Can you pray that my future daughter in law will change her mind a allow us to ask family. Thankyou so much
  • Health Problem

    Please pray for my son, whom recently found he has a health problem. It will inhibit his future plans; while we know all things work for good, he does not accept this. I fear for his relationship with God.
  • missing items

    This may sound silly but I have misplaced my wedding album of pictures from 46 years ago and am quite distraught over it. My husband also lost an heirloom item that we have searched for over an extended time. I suffer from chronic depression and this has made me the worst I have felt in years. Please pray that these items can be found soon. Thank you and God bless!
  • Young relative

    My cousin's ex-wife has been busy looking for a new mate. She worries me a lot because she would post on plenty of fish, even mentioning her young daughter in her profile. I'd rather she focuses on being a mommy to her young child, my cousin. I am worried because boyfriends can be so abusive to kids who aren't their children. Statistics aren't good. I am also worried that she has already been exposed to abuse. Luckily, there are a lot of family who babysit all the time so I am hoping this will protect her. I live far away. This little one is so young and I need God to surround her with angels and protect her. Thank you for the prayers!