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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • overwhelmed with insecurity and mistrust of people, wife, boss, ect

    I need prayer to be delivered from insecurity and mistrust. When people communicate information, especially about me, I often respond in anger, fear, and denial. This has wrecked havoc with relationships from friends, family and wife! I do not want to live like this anymore! I need God!!!
  • My job and Finances

    I need all of you wonderful prayer warriors to pray for a new job and finances. Please and thank you!
  • life

    Feeling so unloved by God. I know God loves all his children equally but that's how I am feeling. I need so much help and my life has been a hard one.
  • a lot of things

    Having my landlord understand us when things are difficult. Living in her house stress free. Waiting on things to happen in my life. Getting that confirmation from God.
  • Brother Rico

    Please pray for my brother's health. He injured his calve at work recently and has been diagnosed with blood clots in his leg!! Please pray that the physical therapy helps to completely disintegrate those clots and that he can continue trying to live a Godly life.
  • Angry sister needs understanding

    Pls pray Lord gives my sister grace to understand & accept that her actions resulted in her losing her custody battle...I'm sad for her but she still gets littlevisitation
  • The Nomad

    I am lost. Please pray for me.
  • Payer for foster daughter

    Please pray for my foster daughter Danniela. She has been in foster care for 3 years. She lies and steals things. Her self esteem is so low. She states she doesn't want to be like her mother who does inappropriate things. Dannniela also has a 17 year old sister who has a 8 month old little girl and she also has a younger brother and sister who are all in foster care. Mom states she wants to start going to church but cant find anyone to go with her. Please pray for the whole family.
  • Pray for a non-believer

    Jonathan was an active Christian, but now does not believe in God, the Bible, Jesus or anything Christian. He surrounds himself with people that strengthen this unbelief. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to him, for him to listen and to make him deaf to the lies that Satan wants him to believe.
    If you are a prayer warrior and are willing, we will be praying for him every day at 4:15 PM PDT.
    Thank you so much.
  • Needs

    I have one bill that must be paid in 4 days and another in a week. I need God to move big or I am going under. I am so sad!