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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Stressed

    We are about to be evicted. We can't lift anything and do not have another place to go. I can't believe God would want this for us and I can't sleep or eat and am sick to my stomach. We have done everything we can to get out of this situation. Tomorrow, we will try again but we are out of ideas. So scared. God help us feels like SOS
  • I know there is a God

    I ask for prayer that I be lifted out of debt and these financial woes. I have served over 15 years of military time and find that it is a challenge to find work on the outside. I am a single father of 3 with custody of two and all I want to do is live a normal life and not have to worry about hardship and how I am going to raise my kids from day to day. I have a degree and working on my long term goal of finishing my masters in photography but every time I turn around around there is another challenge hitting me dead on where it hinders life decisions. I have literally hit rock bottom and doing what I can to survive and reach out. I don't want to loose faith and want to stay strong for my family and my god. Please if you will pray for me and lift me out of these dark times, I would appreciate your love and support.
  • Depressed

    Very depressed. Please say a prayer for me.
  • Salvation for daughter & her fiance

    My prayer is they will desire to be in relationship with the Lord & willing to obey Him ...especially him since they have a child together he convinced her to live with him until they marry but he often says he wants to wait for a long time...he needs the Lord to soften his heart
  • Pray for my son

    My son has to make a decision about to stay Iin a christian school or to go back to public school. Please pray so he can stay at the christian school so he can learn more about God.
  • Financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God give me all of His Strength, Wisdom, Knowledge, understanding, Power, and insight, to put my Faith and Action to work together in my life with Him, My Savior
  • Marriage Ending

    Tomorrow I sign the final divorce papers. My heart is so broken.
  • Relationship

    Please pray for my relationship with my unborn childs father. We both love the Lord with all our heart. His heart is very hardened right now towards me and he is not ready to be a father or a husband. I have been praying that the lord will soften his heart and remind him of who God has called men to be in their families. I have so much hope that God will restore and strengthen our relationship and unite us before our baby is born in March. Prayer is powerful! Please pray for us.
  • Prayer for my sister, Shirey

    Please pray for my sister Shirley. The doctor says that her oxygen level needs to be at 97% and her Kidney needs to be functioning at a better level before she can have an operation to clean out her carotid artery. God has brought her through so much lately and I know that God can and will answer my prayer request. Her operation is scheduled for tomorrow after about 3:00 pm. Please hold her up in prayer that all will be well and a go at that time. I know that my God is more powerful than any air problem and kidney problem or any problem with the doctor cleaning out her artery. I know that God will not allow any problem with stroke or any other thing that can come up. My God Is ABLE! Thank you Lord for your will to be done. Shirley's healing has already been sealed. Christ took care of this when He received that stripes on His back. AMEN!
  • Healing & Peace

    I asked for prayers last week for my biopsy, I was suppose to get results today. They called and asked me to come in person tomorrow. I am very scared , please pray for peace and healing.