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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing for Karin

    My sister has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and possible more. She is 58, never married, no children and unemployed with no health insurance. She has been visiting the Women's Clinic at the LSU Med School in New Orleans. She is close to homeless but stays with friends. She needs God's will in her life, His healing and His angels to care for her. Please pray for her health both physical and emotional. She is in a lot of pain.
  • healing

    Please pray for my mom, Mary Ann to be healed of any cancer cell in her body. She is given strength,energy,comfort,peace,protection over her immune system & eyesight. Also, restful sleep & no bad side effects from the chemo. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you so much for the prayers, we really appreciate it! God bless you!
  • Healing for my husband, Chuck

    We went over to Seattle again today hoping to have a biopsy, but we were postponed again because of Chuck taking Plavix and Aspirin for blood thinning. We were told to call his Heart Doctor to see if he could stop the Plavix and Aspirin for five days, safely, or have a bridge medication ordered to take the place of the Plavix until the biopsy can be performed and still keep his blood from clotting too much. I called the Heart Doctor and his nurse took the information and will talk with the doctor tomorrow and hopefully he will be led to prescribe a medication that will take care of this situation and allow Chuck to have his biopsy done in a week. Please pray for guidance for the Heart doctor, the Radiologist and the Surgeon to be able to take care of this tumor and to give Chuck relief from the pain he is having.
  • Financial Break Through

    I need prayer on my financial situation at the moment. I have been in between job since a month ago. God has been good and have bless me an opportunity to work on a potential project which will pay really good money. Please pray that the project will be awarded to me and the money will be paid without further delay. It's a government project from my country. Corruption is a norm here. Pray that the Lord will grant me favours with the government because I'm dealing with them without corruption. Thank you all in advance for all your prayers.
  • Help For Sister

    Hi folks.. I just need to ask that you would please pray for my sister Linda ? She works a factory job where she has to stand around all day on concrete floors.. She has already had surgery on her shoulder.. But it is not just her shoulder, it is also her neck and back.. She is not able to retire for another 10 years.. And the way it is, I don't think she will make it.. And she can't really go on disability, because she has all the doctor bills.. She saw a chiropractor.. He told her she is really messed up.. So, please pray for her.. And thanks so much for doing it.. I believe all things are possible to God.. And he can help Linda.. Also pray for the pain she is facing.. She can't sleep at night.. Thank you
  • Finances

    It seems since Dec of 2013 the evil one has come against me. A lot of things have happened in my life that I am not financially capable right now to take care of. I keep telling myself to "count your blessing and not your problems" as I know I am truly blessed and I feel like I'm ungrateful person but I just ask if you can all pray for me that god can rain down a financial blessing at my work (fully commissioned sales rep) and also to give me wisdom, insight and patience.

    Thank you everyone and god bless
  • Conviction

    I found out yesterday that my dad's case, an investigation gathering information about his criminal activity (sexual abuse to women and children), was put on suspension. Due to no evidence and a few people involved not being completely truthful, the case is being put on standstill. I ask that you all be in prayer about God's light shining into and through this situation and that the guilty will be convicted in their hearts to stand up and speak up and out about what my father did to them. He has a girlfriend out there somewhere with a daughter and I hope that he hasn't done anything to either of them, but history tends to repeat itself when the person doesn't want to face what they've done and that what they are doing is wrong. Please be praying.
  • Williams Syndrome/gone too soon

    My little guy has a rare birth defect called Williams Syndrome. It comes with a whole slew of physical, mental & emotional delays/disabilities. Unfortunately, most have serious heart defects along with it. There is growing info and understanding of the disease and through email & social media, families are able to connect with each other and share info, advice, etc. So we are also like extended family. This morning my heart is breaking as another family has lost their little girl to complications with WS. I'm asking for prayer for the whole WS community but especially the Griffith family today. Thank you all so much and God bless!!
  • Losing Passion for God

    I would like to re-gain my passion for God.
    It's like I stumbled one day on one other passion and it made me lose the conviction I have on my purpose - to love God and to love people.
    Feelings/emotions got the better of me than my right thinking.
    The other passion I was talking about is reading love stories.
    I stopped becoming consistent in doing my daily devotion.
    I'm addicted to that other passion.
    I lost my passion for God.
    I stopped showing up in the ushering ministry in our church.
    I want to get rid of this chain.
    The thing is, most of my free time is not spent on doing what's best.