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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter's Job Interview

    Please pray for my daughter's interview to go exactly as The Lord wills, that He will grant her favor (or not) and show her and her prospective employer if this is a good job for her. It would be good for her to have a steady job with regular hours plus benefits. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Financial

    Good Morning,
    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God, give me all of His Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Power and Insight for my life, and to help me Financially..
  • loneliness

    I have been struggling lately with feeling deeply lonely inside to the point where I feel like I don't want to live and it's hard to shake off this loneliness..Please pray God heals me and sets me free from it and hurts/struggles as well. Thanks and your prayers are much appreciated! Andrea
  • Garden

    I am a disabled woman and I rented a community garden as my doctor said this is really good for people with injuries. One day an elderly woman came into my plot to help and spoke no english. I didn't ask for her help and couldn't get her to stop. She was very harsh but helpful too but she didn't like the way I was doing things (from what I can tell from her tone). I couldn't speak with her and she sometimes grabbed hard on my shoulder. I am grateful for her help but I don't want her helping again and she can not grab me like that because of my injuries. I need God's divine intervention to deal with this situation. With the language barrier it feels impossible and I am starting to dread going to my own garden. Please pray that God will work the situation out. I have so few things in my life I get to do, I need this to be a positive experience.
  • All my old friends and their families

    Where I live there is HUGE amounts of dysfunction, addiction, and broken families. Please pray for all of my old friends I used to hang out with, my using buddies, and all of their families. Also a prayer for my friends Robyn & Jessie.
  • My family

    Please pray for my family going through something really serious.Pray that truth will come forward.My family has been torn apart.My heart is broken.we need a miracle.Thank you so much.
  • Mental Illness

    Hello, my name is James, and I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in my early 20's.. Since then I have also developed ocd, anxiety, ptsd, and depression.. I am now 38.. I am just tired of living with all the fear, shame, anger, and pain that goes with these mental illnesses.. I ask you to please pray for me.. And I hope that God blesses you also in the process.. Thank you
  • Brother's health

    My younger brother, Bobby, was diagnosed a year ago with Stage 4 rare cancer at the age of 24. He has been battling all year and doing well, but he just went through a stem cell transplant and has developed shingles. He has no immune system to fight this, and is very sick and in a lot of pain. This could be fatal for him. Please pray for healing!
  • Self Control

    I am asking for prayer as I need to find self control within myself. I tend to react without thinking and it is causing distress with my family. Please pray with me that with God's help I can stop and think before I react. AMEN
  • Prayer for sons

    Pls pray our sons have guidance & wisdom right now..one needs more work hours & for Holy Spirit to draw him to Himself & other needs college direction & determination to try again in subjects that he has failed in past..he doesn't believe me when I talk to him