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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing for my Mom, our Families Rock

    I am asking for prayers for my Mom. She has been struggling with health issues and has for the past 2 days have had a fever. She has Lupus, RA and several other health issues. My Mom is the rock that keeps our family grounded and the glue that keeps us together. My heart hurts for her. Please Lord, I know You hear our prayers and You can bring her comfort and peace. Lord PLEASE heal my Mom. Please get her through this. Thank you everyone that prays for my Mom.
  • Jaw, teeth and gums

    I am having problems with my jaw, teeth and gums. I am having receding despite taking extremely good care of my teeth. I was born with problems in my jaw which gives me TMJ and a bite problem. The dentist told me that the pockets weren't bad and but part of the root is showing and he could only keep me comfortable. I am seeking a new dentist and need prayers I find a kind and helpful dentist that God can use to heal my mouth. I know that God could just heal my mouth. This is my prayer! I have suffered with TMJ my whole life and now this and need to be free from this constant pain. Jesus, please heal me!
  • Lost love

    Over the past week my life has been turned upside down. My husband told me for the past two years he hasn't loved me and has been in a relationship with a women for the past three months, that he recently ended. We went to a marriage workshop over the weekend and learned a lot about ourselves and why our marriage has not been what it should for a very very long time. I love my husband and have forgiven him but he is still blinded by his relationship with this women. We have two small kids. He won't talk to me right now and hasn't decided if he thinks our marriage is worth saving. My heart feels like it's been ripped out. I pray the God can release satans hold on my husband and bring him home to his family who needs him. And pray for peace and comfort for me as I deal with this and try to not show my hurt infront on. The kids as we haven't told them anything
  • Strength

    Pray that God give me a sound mind. Pray that God fix my situation with Nick. Pray that God heal Nick from the hurt I have caused him. Pray that I find the strength to keep going. Pray that God bring truth to this situation. I am constantly being attacked by the enemy with untrue thought about our relationship. It brings confusion to Nick. I need help.
  • Prayer for My Dad

    I found out on Monday that my Dad will need heart surgery but not sure which kind yet open heart or just the heart valve surgery. Please pray that when he goes in for the Angiogram test there is no blockage in his heart in the name of Jesus and the only operation is the heart valve to the heart not open heart surgery. This is shocking news to our family cause my Dad been healthy all his life.
  • Daughter

    Thank you for your many prayers for my daughter. She is still struggling with loneliness'. She would like to get married and have children but at age 35, she is feeling like it will never happen for her. She has a relationship with Jesus, but craves the physical touch from somebody. She is getting discouraged....
    Gob Bless
  • Healing

    I need total healing so my pray request is for physical healing. I am having bouts of crying too. It has been a really long, tough period in my life.
  • Prayers for my family and I

    Please pray for my mom and dad. Their heath hasnt been that great. Please pray my dad gets this job he applied for or they will be homeless next month. Please also pray for my sister who needs God she is in a relationship situation that is not healthy and she is shutting everyone out of her life that disagree. Im also asking for a prayer that God can guide me to the right answers so I can get this job I am applying for. It will be a great start of my career and ill finally beable to take care of my family. I am in need of Gods help, please keep my family and I in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless!
  • update

    Thank you for your prayers.. God has done wonderful things in my life.. He healed pain I had been living with for years.. I don't know what it is about me though.. I mean, if there is something to worry about, I will worry.. At night when I sleep, I have terrible nightmares.. And when I awake, I feel messed up all day.. I pray that God would protect me from evil.. This stronghold satan has over me.. And make my soul right.. So I can serve him.. That is all I ever wanted.. I pray that I would not sin.. Or give place for the devil.. That God would heal me financially.. That things would go well at work.. Help me with my anxiety and fear God please.. Amen.. God bless everyone
  • Grandson

    I would appreciate prayers for my grandson Riley as he doesn't want to go to school for some reason. He has always loved school and does well. Thank you.