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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • I'm lonely. Please pray!

    Can someone pray for me? I m so lonely in my life. I'm in the lowest of valleys and want to climb out. My desire is for a man to come in my life that will lead to a beautiful marriage. I have a lot to offer someone and I know God is faithful. I want to be happy again. I've done everything The Lord has asked me to do. Please God, please.
  • Landlord, etc.

    You may have remembered my post about my landlord raising my rent. Also, I mentioned my roommate had a tumor in her hand. Well my roommate found out that she has to possibly have surgery on her hand. She has atrophied muscles in her hand and extreme swelling on top of the tumor. She will be seeing a surgeon very soon. Meanwhile, we don't have enough combined money for the raised rent. I want to say thank you for the note of encouragement I received last time I asked for prayer.
  • Overwhelmed

    Hi all, I have some things that are really stressful that I need to deal with. It feels insurmountable. I am hoping for a wonderful easy day instead. I really just want to go back to bed. I am also sick with a head cold. Praying for all of you as well.
  • Divorce

    Please pray for my marriage. That the Lord heal our hearts so we can move forward and heal our marriage. We have 24 yrs in and three grown children to lead examples for.
  • Better Living Conditions

    Please help me pray for my sister Karen and her husband Steve to find a way to move from their toxic environment. Steve is unemployed and has bad tendencies to drink from the bad influences of neighbors right next door. They can't afford to move, so help me pray for a miracle to happen in their lives.
  • Please pray for my son

    Please pray for my son Edgar so he can give his heart to God, and understand that he is not alone. He has been dealing with addiction for the last 3 years, and right now he is making a lot of unsafe and wrong choices. Please pray so he understands that he needs to let Jesus fight his battle.
  • health

    Please pray for my re-screen on my mammogram, thank you so much.
  • Lord's help needed

    My sister wants a situation changed in her life regarding her son & needs the Lord to work it out...it is hard to tell which way is the best
  • Safe travel for family

    Pls pray they will be protected by the Lord when they drive two states away to go to a wedding & can have talks about the Lord while there
  • Daughter relationship

    She needs strength & desire to follow Jesus & trust Him by making godly choices instead of fleshly desires...has baby with unsaved man who is reluctant to marry & she needs Lord to be strong again