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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • arthritis

    Hello.. My friend Lois from church has really painful arthritis in her hands.. I ask that you would pray with me that God would heal it ? And give her peace.. Thank you
  • Divorce prayers answered! Thank you!

    I would like to thank the station PLR, this support network and all those who prayed for me! My husband has returned home, the Lord has spoken to his heart and he's even told me he wants to return to attending church! Thank you all you prayer warriors. Keep going strong we need to pray for everyone.
  • Neighbor sick 2 year old and hurt nephew

    Please pray with me for these two little boys to get well and the right medical attention and for mom to find Jesus in jesus name Amen. Thank you God bless.
  • Doctor

    I think it is time to find a new doctor. Please pray that I find someone who is kind, listens and will help me. I have few options to choose from so not sure where to go. Also, for money for bills. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  • opportunity and the Lord's timing

    Please lift me up to our Heavenly Father and pray for his favor upon me. I have applied for a position that I found on an employment website. I was super excited but went to the companies website and noticed that the application deadline was the 5th. Please pray that they will accept my application. Please, also lift me up in prayer that I will find peace and patience as I wait for the Lord's timing.
  • Friend in the middle of Divorce

    Please pray for a co-worker/ friend that is currently seeking court assistance while going through a troubling divorce. There are 3 teen-age girls in the family. Please pray for protection and healing and the Lord's Will be done.
  • Prayer for my sister

    My sister in New Orleans is once again visiting the MD today. She is having problems with her Kidneys and the damage done by Cervical cancer. I ask that you pray for healing emotionally as well as physically. She has never been independent even as an adult and now more than ever she is dependent on others for care. She has always lived with our mother, a family member or friend and has a hard time in life making her way. She is essentially homeless and lives a very simple life. Please pray also that those around her will continue to be able to provide support.
  • In need of a glimpse of Hope

    I am in need of some serious prayers for me and my husband. He just got laid off right before Thanksgiving and is still searching for a job. It is putting a strain on our marriage but I know that if I just put my trust in my Heavenly Father that we will get through this. I am a long time suffer of migraines and have been trying to fight off my current migraine (that has been going on for a month for me know) I am tried, worn out and I am starting to loose hope. Please pray for my family that we will get through this rough patch and that we will see the good from this and learn a valuable lesson and will continue to praise Our Heavenly Father through these rough times.
    Thank you so much to all you prayer warriors, God Bless
  • depression

    I've been in depression for over 3 months and everyday it seems to get worse. It's to the point that I don't want to get out of bed. I have a daughter at home whom it's starting to affect and would love everyone's prayers for myself to stay strong and get my life back on track.
    God bless
  • Boldness, confidence, obedience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The last 3 years on Christmas I send out cards to a lot of people. This Christmas I plan on sending out tracts and the "Father's Love Letter" with each Christmas card. This is a bold step for me and I feel a little anxiety, but I want to do this for Jesus. Even though I feel a little nervous, I ask that you all pray for me to be bold, confident and fearless in standing up for Christ and getting the Good News out there in my community. To be obedient to Him, and refuse to sit in silence. To everyone that I send these cards to, for softened hearts to Jesus and to have receptive minds and hearts! Pray against a spirit of hopelessness and suicide and abuse and anger.Thank you for praying for my people and myself!! Much appreciated!