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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Husband and finances

    My husband said he doesn't want anything to do with our son. My husband thinks our son has no financial struggles and he's seems to be happy.Our son is not saved. That's why my husband is depressed. My husband thinks we should be doing great because were Christians. He doesn't understand why my son has it all. We need financial prayers.
    Thank you
  • God is good always

    I just wanted to say thank you to those who prayed for my sister Linda.. God has done so much.. When I first started having you pray for her, she had a lot of pain.. And God gave her a miracle.. There is no more fluid buildup in her body.. I ask that you would continue to stand with me that she will be completely healed.. Her shoulder is still hurting her.. She has had problems with her neck, back, shoulders, and arms for a while now.. And I am so thankful to you and our God.. God bless
  • nephew

    Please pray for my nephew Justin. He has anxiety, and he is so painfully shy he can't talk to people. Thank you
  • Lord to open/close new position at work

    A teacher at my work has told me she'd like me to be her assistant. It would mean changing classes & I'd like Lord to give my manager desire for me to change if it's best for us all
  • Sister to desire emotional healing

    Sister in CA has struggled emotionally since the birth of her son. She has custody issues &'needs Lord
  • Rain in WA

    Let's all pray for rain in our region. God help us, we need rain so bad. God please keep safe all the people who are trying to help with fires. GOD HELP US. Thank you!

  • New Godly desire for son & daughter

    Pls pray our 26 yr old son & 22 yr old daughter will desire God's ways & wisdom in their lives very soon.To return to church & listen to Christian music & for relationships to be God's best
  • Confessing Stuff to Parents

    There are some things that God's been telling me to confess to my parents and stuff, and I'm going to do it, but I'm really nervous about it. I'd like prayer that I would have the courage to actually discuss this stuff with them, and that I wouldn't chicken out. Pray that everything goes okay and that my relationship with them and with God would improve. Yeah.... Thanks!
  • Newborn

    My newborn family member is having some health hurdles and I am asking for prayers for him to have good health. Thank you for keeping him and the family in your thoughts and prayers. God is good. Thank you all for your love.
  • Son out of jail

    Pray for my son that he has learned some things before he got out and that God has entered his heart so he can stay focused on a normal life based on Gods principals.