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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • financial

    I am searching for a new job.. Please pray I find the right one.. Also, I am short on cash to pay a couple bills for the month.. Need a miracle.. Thank you to those who pray..
  • Blood test

    Pray that my blood test I took yesterday be normal, pray they find no diseases in my body thank you.
  • Financial needs

    I really need prayer for financial assistance. I have some unexpected expenses this month and on top of it, I need to pay $400 for a surgery and do some car repairs. Thanks!!
  • School

    Please pray that I will actually pursue a college degree this time and not drop out again. Thank you.
  • Inner healing

    Please pray for me my mental health. I have been struggling with suicidal thoughts for three years and don't see the light also feel numb inside like I don't have a soul and recall my past all the time .. Thanks for your prayers.
  • serious injury

    Jonni fell from a fourth story window and is in critical condition, with a broken arm, leg, pelvis, ribs, cheekbones, and head injury. currently in a coma. Please pray for healing, and that Gods hand would be with the Doctors during these critical times and that the proper treatment will given
  • For Ryan and Bob

    Please keep Bob and son Ryan in your prayers. Bob found Ryan, a diabetic, unresponsive this morning. The paramedics were called and Ryan was taken to the hospital. He has been sedated and they are trying to figure out what is happening.

    Bob recently had surgery on his foot and will be off it for 4-6 weeks
  • Separation

    My husband left me on Friday, 5/18, I'm heart broken and am going to have a hard time financially, but, God is good, all the time. Please pray for my heart to heal and to find financial stability.
  • Thank you very very much!

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive Life!Whoever said a prayer for me this weekend thank you so much I had the best weekend I just rested in the LORD which for me is no small miracle and I feel so much better!Thank you and needless to say if you could say one more prayer it will keep this big smile on my face!GOD 5/22/18
  • Prayer for a daughter

    Please pray for Bridget whose daughter is struggling with a drug addiction