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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Housing

    My friend Jennifer in Ireland is trying to get permission to build on her widowed father's land so she can be close as he ages. She was originally denied a permit, however since asking for prayer it is no longer a form no. Please continue to pray she is approved to build on her father's land. Thank you in advance for your continued support in prayer!
  • Doctor found a benign tumor on my mom

    Today I took my to the hospital as she has been complaining about difficulties in swallowing, blood blisters and a change in her voice for about 3 years. Every time she would go to the hospital they would tell her it's allergies but today we took her to a physician who finally give a diagnosis of a tumor on her oesophagus. As you can imagine this is devastating to us as a family and scary. However, if y'all can pray for healing and that during the biopsy the mass/tumor is not anything more that will be appropriated. If you can also pray for my family to be faithful and trust God through this storm as it only such because by Jesus stripes she is healed. I will greatly appreciate it.
  • Graduatingj Son

    My son is graduating in June. He is very, very confused in his life about future plans. Please pray for direction. This is causing a large amount of stress. He also has an upcoming medical test, the second one, and we have been praying for a miracle. Please pray for a normal result. Thank you for your prayers, I'm grateful.
  • Marriage Prison and Christ

    Our battle is intensely difficult. I am the wife of a wonderful husband who in his trial, pain, and affliction has devoted his time to serving the Lord within the darkness of prison walls. He has truly fallen in love with Christ. He lives by every promise and fears the Lord. In this experience we have both encountered the many human rights violations within prisons. My husband will be returning as a preacher for Christ upon his release. Our prayer request is simple, that the Lord have his way in our lives. That the enemy flee from our path. We are strongly requesting that our brothers and sisters in Christ join us in this painful battle. We ask that God have his way in every aspect of our lives so that we can serve him in truth.
  • Health Issues

    Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve. Also, pray he handles stress well, has normal blood pressure and has no side effects from medication.
  • work

    I talked to voc rehab, they said that I had used up my allowed amount to get help from them.. In a few months I can open another case with them.. They recommended I visit the job service and search for a job on my own, while I am still working.. Which makes sense.. I just pray that I would make the right decision no matter what I do.. That it would be Gods will.. Sometimes I think my job is bearable.. Then there are days it is just crazy.. And I am so tired.. Thank you for your continued prayers for me.. I don't mind working hard, as long as the pay is right.. With this job, it seems like I am working hard most the time.. And the pay is not good.. God is good either way.. thank you.. Take care
  • I Want To Say Thank You For Your Prayers

    But Its Not Over Yet. They did the Novocaine shots and for about 3Hrs the pain was gone and it was AWESOME. I forgot what it felt like to be pain free. Now all the pain in my back is there again. Guess We Will Have To Wait And See What God's Plan and The Doctors Plans Are. Really Bummed Out The Pain Is Back.

    Thank You For All Your Prayers ,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Medical healing

    I've got a lot going on to get medically healthy. I need to get off my stomach acid blocker so I can rebuild my teeth because I am being told it could be the cause of mineral and vitamin deficiencies and bone loss. I need my GERD healed so I can take stop taking the medicine. I need to come up with money to pay for a mouth procedure across the state and also get dental work done. Also need a personal health issue resolved. I need my migraines permanently healed, bones restored and back straightened. Lastly, I need some peace so I can get my broken body to clean my home to prepare for moving. I am so overwhelmed. Thank you!
  • Stressed over work

    Please pray for our job situation in Lewiston. I need to make more per month where I work or find a better job with benefits and retirement income. I am very very very stressed!!
  • Praise the Lord

    Praise the Lord for He never abandons us! I was able to find my data for my Master's project. He hears our pleas and trust his process. Thank you Lord for all the blessings in my life and help me share your love with others. Thank you all for your prayers and again PRAISE the Lord!