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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer request

    Please pray for Alan to be healed and blessed. Pray also for his family that they are blessed and the Lord helps them all.
  • Restoration, Peace,

    Please Pray for DIVINE RESTORATION, between my HUSBAND and our SON Tyler.. There's a lot of STRIVE, and DISTRUST,
    Please PRAY for RESTORATION, a better Father and son relationship. Please Pray.
  • Family Issues

    Please pray for my family!

    I have been falsely accused regarding my biological daughter for the second time in 8 years! Everything was cleared up last time
  • SNOW

    Please PRAY it SNOWS SOON, I think it's so pretty. Everybody keeps saying we Won't SNOW because we LIVE in Eastern Wash. Please Pray for SNOW..
  • Urgent Prayer

    URGENT PRAYER our GRANDSON who LIVES with US and our DAUGHTER too, She's very UNSTABLE. and she wants to LEAVE with our Grandson, please Pray, He's THROWING a lot of FITS, and MIGHT get EVICTED, over this. Please Pray he Stops throwing Fits.. Please Pray for our Family
  • Urgent Prayer

    Please Pray for our DAUGHTER Katey who MOVED across the United States because she Can't deal with HER Dad and GRANDFATHER ARE Critically I'll. Please Pray she COMES BACK HOME ASAP. WE NEED EACH OTHER DURING THIS VERY DIFFICULT TIME. PLEASE PRAY
  • Shoulder surgery

    I had my surgery done on Monday 1-8-18, and so far it hasn’t been that hard. I continue to ask for prayers for a speedy recovery. I have been getting help picking up and dropping off the girls so I thank God for that. It’s just having three children is hard. Please continue to keep us in your prayers!
  • Live my life

    I need to learn how to walk daily in what God wants me to do and the talents he wants me to use without caring what others believe or say I should do.

  • Hurting

    Prayers that my children will follow the Lord,not judge others. Prayers that when my son comes home from juvenile detention that he will make better decisions and stay away from evil doings, evil people, evil thoughts guide him to do what’s right. I am a concerned parent who struggle’s enough already. Thank you all for your prayers inadvertence, greatly appreciated, God Bless.
  • Prayer request

    Please pray for Hyacinth Derby as she has constant ringing in her right ear. Thank you