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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • I am sorry

    You will never be to far away! the Lord loves you and see you blameless, all you need to do is ask the Lord to wash you white as snow, accept His son Jesus Christ into your heart and walk with Him. Dig into His word!! He loves you and knows your heart. There was a criminal that died next to Jesus at the cross that He forgave and was with Him in Paradise that day. Its never too late. Connect with someone to help you walk through this. Sometimes its really hard to find the right person but keep trying and never give up.
  • I am sorry

    I am at the end of my rope. I am not a good person, never have been, even though I have tried to become one. I know I will never meet God. My sins are too serious. To everyone I have hurt, I am sorry.
  • Keys

    It may seem trivial but I need a quick prayer for some lost keys. I lost my keys and I really need them and will have to pay a lot of money per key if I can't find them since they really belong to my landlord. I am stressed about it and have tore the house apart. God bless!
  • Freinds dying grandfather

    My Friends grandfather is dying and has only been given a few days to live please keep them both in prayer and for my friend to Get saved and accept Gods will with his peace.
  • Premature Labor

    Please pray for a relatives friend, she has gone into labor much to early and needs to be able to hold off for another few weeks. Pray that God is with the family and the baby ends up being ok.
  • Qualification test for work

    I have an upcoming qualification test at work on Thursday, I need to pass this in order to remain employed. I have struggled with this in the past. I am the sole provider for my family and need to pass this. Please pray for me and pray that I pass this and pray that The Lord will help me through this.
  • Please pray for me!

    Please pour out your spirit and blessings on me Jesus! I need you. I need you soooo much!
  • Little help

    Please keep me in your prayers. My life has been a hard one filled with financial stresses and a disability. I am not really understanding why I am here. I am tired of worrying about basic needs. I've cut all I can cut. I don't know how I will pay the electricity this month and I have had to use a lot of it with the heat (the heat flares up my disability). If God could answer just a few of my needs, I think I could cope. I've been suffering for so long that I've lost all my strength and need some help from God. Thank you!
  • need your prayer please

    Please pray for my husband who is feeling suicidal right now.Please pray for God's protection.He has PTSD.He is in charge of our neighborhood evangelism program for this summer.We know this is the work of the enemy.Please pray for God's grace,mercy and power to be upon him to be protected from the work of the enemy
  • Prayers against the spirit of abuse, addiction and suicide

    Please pray for my entire community, where we have a lot of abuse, addiction, and suicide. Please pray for a Jesus generation to emerge. For people rise up against the challenges in our community and follow and accept Jesus Christ. For us to share Jesus without fear. For God to soften people's hardened hearts. Also, for the 15-35 year old's to be drawn in by the power of the Holy Spirit, to let their guard down and attend a 5 day conference next summer 2015 in Roach, Missouri. For me to be able to raise the money to bring the people. Thank you for your prayerful support.