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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My Job, finding God will, Finding Joy in working...

    I read the other day in the bible that God wants us to enjoy our works and the fruit of our labor. I pray that God will use me as he pleases. I just want to enjoy work. I work normal hours like anyone else 40 per week, I just think that if I have to be away from my family I would like to enjoy what I do. I keep praying for doors to open, but nothing has happened yet. I thought I felt God say move, but that has passed. I don't know what to do. I can't find peace at this place. I feel like if I say anything I will be fired, but I can not quit cause I need to support my family and I am 7 month pregnant also. Please LORD open a new Door for me. Please help me see the way clearly. I need prayers, am super stressed out.
  • Prayer Request

    Pray GOD Blesses 12 year old Derek Silva in JESUS Name. Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.
  • I am a Mechanical Engineer

    I am searching a job in abroad.please prayer for me I am waiting for your positive response.Thank you
  • Encouragement

    A few months ago I asked for prayer as we were dealing with a lot of uncertainty with my husband being laid off. He still hasn't found work, but our prayers have been answered. God is calling us to move to Spokane and we are in the process of getting everything figured out. Now my prayer request is for us to be wise with our finances as things are tight and we have a few more months before we will be able to be completely moved over. We are relying on God to provide as He always has and we just need to be encouraged as we go through this process.
  • heartbroken.

    I am heartbroken. I have no family but one person and I live with her due to us both having injuries. She has become unbearable to live with. She just yells so much, nothing threatening but it still hurts. I don't recognize this person. I am all alone in this world. I don't have a single soul to talk to. She was it. I can't drive myself to church or take myself to appointments. I am a very social person so this is soul-crushing. My prayer is to get well so I can move far away from her and be able to take care of myself and to be filled with wonderful, loving people. I no longer trust her and wonder if she will also badmouth me. Please God, don't let us interact much anymore. Please send me financial freedom so I can move on. I need so much physical healing. It is overwhelming.
  • work

    I finally heard from voc rehab.. They let me know that I am qualified to receive their services.. I just have to make an appointment with them.. Thank you for your continued prayers.. I will never doubt God is good.. No matter how many bad things happen.. I hope to escape the job I am working, and hopefully find a job I can manage.. God bless everyone
  • Pray for me as I seek opportunities in Ministry

    I am seeking opportunities in full time ministry I would love to work in Youth Ministry. Pray that the right opportunities will present themselves and that I will be able to be led toward A call in ministry.
  • Need TMJ and bone surgery

    I really need surgery that isn't covered by insurance. The pain has become unlivable. I can't brush my teeth, floss, eat, sleep, or do anything really without horrible pain. I would love it if God would supernaturally touch me and I could skip the painful surgery. I am in so much pain that I would be thrilled if I could somehow come up with the money or a surgeon would have mercy on me to help me with the surgery. It isn't livable and it seems to be getting worse. I have tried everything I can think of to ease my pain even drastically changing my diet as to not have to chew much. I tried a mouth splint and it didn't help me so surgery is the only solution unless God heals me.
  • Constant Divorce Threats

    My husband threatens to divorce me almost weekly. He abandons, takes away money to pay bills and leaves our family stranded. Every time he gets mad he does this - he does not know how to communicate, speak or know his truth, compromise and handle mature discussions. Only his way that changes constantly because he doesn't even know himself. I get so depressed, sad and alone - I love my husband so so much but it harms me and our family so much emotionally and in turn physically.
  • Health, Home & Husband

    Got really sick from mold levels in home and had to abandon everything like a fire. On 4th home in 4 months and still sick - husband tried repairing leaks in this brand new construction we are in now. Breast lump found and being imaged Tues. Brain constantly on fire, memory/coping/anxiety/brain all impaired and not functioning from illness. Husband threw ring at me in front of my daughter last night and flew back to old home (3rd time this month). This world and this extreme illness keeps tearing at him that this is too hard and grass is greener single and/or without me. Prayers please my friends for a safe home, marriage, me, daughter, husband, health, finances, sanity and Godly friends for all of us to surround us and not feel so alone.