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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Love

    I am a 30 year old women who is ready to fall in love and find the man God has chosen for me. I pray for patience, an open heart and mind, and direction in life as I wait for the one.
  • Hiring a live-in caregiver for home for young high-functioning women with developmental disabilities

    We would like prayer to find a caregiver that is a wonderful fit for our home. We are looking for a loving, compassionate and fun live-in licensed caregiver for our beautiful home for young high-functioning women with minor developmental disabilities in the Spokane Valley near Millwood.
  • Prayer for a sick 1 year old boy

    Hello, I was given a prayer request from my friend named Jay, who wants prayer request for a sick 1 year old boy named Ardell Byler, this is a time sensitive matter, I don't know all the details but this boy is at sacred heart in spokane and I was told he needs urgent prayers for his health. I pray that anyone who see's this prays for this boy and pray for the family to be comforted and the doctors to have wisdom and for supernatural healing if it is God's will, thank you for your prayers.
  • Marriage

    I made a mistake that I regret deeply. I feel disgusted with myself for what I've done and I really need to get out of this darkness that is affecting my marriage. I know that cheating is never justified, but I seek forgiveness from the bottom of my heart to be able to be able to move passed my sin. I love my wife and I want to be there for her forever and show her that this was a one time thing that will never ever happen again. She doesn't know what happened but it's killing me inside. I need forgiveness and advice. I want to believe that God loves all, but how could he love me who has fallen in a deep abyss?
  • financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that my Father God bless me in my financial situation... I thank you very much for your prayers...
  • For a Sick Single Mother

    I am asking for prayer of behalf of a friend. She is suffering from chronic low levels of potassium and the doctor is concerned of brain damage or even death at this point. She is a single mom and is struggling to get back to Christ. She is very weak and emotionally depleted. Please pray for peace, strength, and healing and that God will use this situation to bring her ever closer to Him.
  • Just Feeling oFF ToDaY

    Just feel off today....just stress and anxiety are happening today.
  • Prayer for my parents in foreclosure

    Please pray for my parents who are in foreclosure. pray for peace and that the lord will provide for them that they may keep this home and that if that is not will, that they will find peace in the blessings that he has for them
  • injured friend

    Please pray for Richard, he fell 20 feet off a deck and broke 5 vertabrae, needs surgery, just released from ICU. Thank you for your prayers.
  • I need a church

    My last Church has black listed me in the Christian community of Spokane. I am seriously looking for a church or a body of believers that will accept me as I am.