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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayers for a friend

    I'm praying for peace and Jesus comfort for my best friend. On year ago today her 23 year old son passed away. We all know he is in a wonderful place, but it is still hard for the family waiting here. One day they will all be together, until then I ask for prayers to help her soul and her strength.
    Her faith has been strong, I ask that The Lord continue loving and looking after her and her family.
  • Prayers for friends 2 year old daughter

    My best friends 2 year old daughter is having open heart surgery this Friday Sept 5th. Please pray for the surgery to go well along with the recovery. She will have to stay in the hospital in Seattle for one week.
    Also her mother needs a lot of prayers right now as she is having a very hard time dealing with this.

    God bless!!!
  • Rabbit....

    Hi, this is the girl that posted a prayer request a little while ago, about my 4 baby rabbit that died.
    I just had another death. It was a lop, Button. He was 4 months old, and one of the sweetest rabbits I've ever owned.
    I just wanted to ask that you would pray that God would give me peace, and that I would be able to focus on school (Because it starts in 2 days for me.) And that Jesus would mend my broken heart, and give me new hope. And that my other two rabbits would live a long healthy life.

    Thank you, and God bless.


    Mr nefhew
    Is sick

    Please pray for him

    And me as well
  • prayers

    Praying God will help me find a way to pay my electrical bill in a few weeks. I have a shut-off notice and am really stressed. Things are really tight. Also, there is a community garden that is having problems with vandals. Most of the families are very poor and are using the garden to help feed themselves in winter. They work very hard all summer long for this harvest. Praying that these people will stop ruin the gardens. Thanks!
  • pain and suffering

    I have been living with pain the last 15 years. doctors are unable to pinpoint what is causing the leg pain and what to do to alleviate it. I have suffered through many illness in my life so far and am just tired of fighting. please pray that the pain and suffering can be less intense and more able to bear.
  • husband

    Please pray for my husband and me. He's been straying away from Christ and is getting involved with things he shouldnt. We have a baby and I need my husband to be the head of the family and lead us in a good direction. As for me, please pray for guidance love and faith. This whole thing has been so hard to go through.
  • life-threatening

    My aunt is 29. She was admitted to ICU yesterday evening. She is in full blown DKA and died this morning at about 6:30 when they did CPR on her and brought her back after 20 minutes. She now has a breathing tube and is in a coma. There is a slim chance that she will make it through the night. She is in critical condition. Her name is Karen. Any prayers for her or our family is a God bless.
  • My Bestfriends Dad :(

    I am asking for prayer for my bestfriends dad Jerry. He is in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure also gallbladder that needs to be removed. He is in very bad shape. He is also a diabetic. Please pray for Jerry, JoAnn and my bestfriend Jessie and the rest of the family. Thank you in advance.
  • Freind Needs urgent prayer

    My friend needs urgent prayers for Gods guidance and direction concerning relationships. Please join me in prayer for her and the man on her heart. Thank you.