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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Domestic Abuse

    My son is becoming abusive when he gets drunk and has pushed his mother and has threatened with me as well. He has threatened my daughter with hot water and called her derogatory names. I am at the point of calling the police but am holding off. I ask for divine intervention and that the Lord take away his bitterness and anger. I also ask that his drinking habit be dried up as well. I need help before its gets out of hand. Please pray for us.

    Thank you
  • Job interview

    Please pray for me, I have a job interview tomorrow, and it is the job of my dreams.
  • My walk with the Lord

    I'm struggling with my walk with the Lord. I don't know what is going on with me. I feel far from God. I'm not sleeping very well at night. I do want a personal relationship with the Lord.
    Please will you pray for me.
    Thank you so very much!
  • Strongholds/ dispare and family hardship

    Please pray for me. I am battling personal sin and unforgiveness toward my family. One of my parents is very controlling and installs fear and destroys confidence in me to get a job and to work out my finances. I'm in my mid 20s, parents are still controlling everything. My sin problem is also one that my parent had in youth years. I'm in dispare because I've been battling this for over 5 years and I love the lord. Lately my feeling is one of missing Him, missing Jesus, like I lost sight of Him. I'm so confused. Ive been standing on Gods truth and then I didn't notice how I slipped and fell. I don't want to live life without Jesus. He knows I've had a heart brake and my heart felt numb. I've felt so much pain in the past half a year and I don't know when it's all going to end.
  • Prayers for PLR, familly

    I pray that more people in the area of PLR start listening to PLR and that many more people come to Christ. I pray that God blesses PLR and gives wisdom and knowledge to the DJ's and behind the scenes personnel. I would like prayer for my sister Traci and her boyfriend and kids to come to Christ, and that they would understand his love and compassion and come to know him as their Lord and Savior. Please pray I am a good witness to my family and friends and stay strong in my faith and that I am kept safe on my road trip to Kansas in a little over a week.
  • exams

    God's guidance in exam week at school
  • Please pray for me

    I am in 2nd year of medicine at a university in Haiti. I listen to PLR in my spare time,because of my study I don't really get free time ,and I am always deeply touched by the songs and messages, my purpose of prayer is to succeed this year that is so difficult. University in Haiti is hard in difficult to keep up, and also to change the situation of my country be it economic, political and social.
  • Daughter's Health/High-Risk, Husband's Constant Divorce Threats/Emotional Abuse, Finances, Me

    Daughter:sexual promiscuity; lots of trauma/crisis/health issues; turned her life over to Christ again; need God to lead us to the right next residential treatment transition center who does not minimize/doubt her complicated health issues & treatment needs in being "willing" to understand to help her take ownership & care of herself
    Husband:believer threatens to divorce me regularly, emotionally abusive, struggles w anger/rage; recently sought Christian counsel - talking to divorce attorneys about divorce or legal separation at same time; married to/idols/worships money above me & my daughter; daughter's relationship with him pulling her close but then abandoning her
    Me:trying to live with God all day long with Satan attacking me like crazy if ever I falter in being a prayer warrior for my daughter & husband; for my sobriety (recovered alcoholic 7 years)
  • Finances

    I am a Christian and I know God is with me, but I feel relentless attacking from Satan on my mind and life's situations.
    I am feeling very overwhelmed! I'm in dire need of a job! My employment runs out this month. Thank you for your prayers!
  • Finances

    Our current home is falling apart. We need to get enough money so we can put another home on property. Need it to be done soon before it gets worse. Thanks