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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Marriage

    Needing prayer for my marriage. I want to be the godly husband my wife needs....thank you...
  • Need God's help with finances

    I have gotten myself into a situation and it is my fault, I was trying to get a loan today and need God's help and for him to block the situation if I am not to get the loan, I am stressed out and can't even think straight. I thought it was God's will but I need him to direct me, I feel confused and with bad decisions I have accrued a lot of debt, it is my fault but I need God's guidance and help...thanks for prayers
  • Mother's housing

    My mother (and sister) is in a dilemma. My husband is ok for us to help my Mom if she moves to be near us. She lives 2 states away. If their relationship was stable they could house together, but my sister is the cause for our mother not getting her lease renewed. Mom wants to stay there to be near sister's young children, as sis only has visitation of them and needs to stay there. Messy between them, and my hubby would prefer my mom stay in her hometown, as we have a young autistic grandson we help with almost fulltime, until our daughter recovers from surgery. Our lives can't absorb mom's issues with my sister, as they are very problematic
  • family restoration

    I am sanjib pore from kolkata. Please do pray for our family peace, unity and good understanding with my wife radha pore. We are very distub in our family and married life. Also do pray for our daughter priyansh pore and shiven pore, they are disobedient,dislike study,nuty.
  • Job and marriage

    Could you please pray for government job orders please sir I want government job .

    My and my brother marriages to please pray
  • Military training

    Please keep me in prayer as I leave my wife and job to carryout military training for the next month.
  • Money

    I am in a desperate situation and need God's help to get the money. It is dire.
  • Pleasing

    I am constantly trying to please everyone. From my family to friends and it gets overwhelming. I am not happy pleasing either cause if I please someone the other person will be left out. If I tried to do the right thing it seems like it back fires on me. Everyone does what they please and seemed not to care what others think but I can’t do that. It drives me crazy on why I can’t do what makes me happy and not care what others think. If I let someone down I go days trying to make them up to hem and apologize every chance I get.
  • Can't stop escaping reality

    I can't stop daydreaming, it's consuming my life. All of my strongest hopes and dreams are in things that can't ever happen in reality and it causes me a lot of pain in my heart. It's called maladaptive daydreaming, as a formal diagnosis. I can't help but get sucked into this wonderland that isn't actually good for me. I'm not growing as a person, it's like a hugbox I've created for myself so that I don't have to deal with life. Going back and forth from fantasies to reality was fine before, but as of recent it's so painful to come back. Even if I just refuse to daydream, there's this huge hole in my heart where I know God is supposed to go, but I just can't do it for some reason. I want to, but I can't. I need help.
  • have problems with my heath

    i been having problems with my stomach i just anything little food and i get my stomach full and gets very bloated i dont know what it could be but i know its not normal am so uncountable i just want to sit around and do nothing it drains all my energy i taken laxatives and other meds and it docent seem to fix the problem all i want is some prayers to get better thanks everyone for your prayers