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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • prosperity

    Have been having nightmares for years.. about my past, which in a lot of ways was very traumatic.. I wish I could stop reliving my past and move on.. That God would heal my soul of the painful memories.. That I would not fear.. I also need a financial blessing.. My car is going to cost me $600 to fix.. It seems every time I get ahead.. I wind up back in this spot.. I have faith that God can heal my life.. I have faith in prayer.. I am sorry that I keep posting these prayers.. But God has healed me some.. And I will not be satisfied till God changes my situation.. I know he can do it.. Thank you
  • Broken

    I need Jesus to pick up the broken pieces of my life.
  • Prayers for grieving

    Please pray for my friend Jessica and her family, her mother Tammy passed on last evening after a courageous fight with cancer. Please pray for their comfort during this time. Thank you for your thoughts and kindness in prayer for this family.
  • My husband

    My husband is taking some meds and one of them is making him weird and he thinks he is normal. He is not!
    I need prayer also for my job. That I would be able to keep it. I have had two bad days. A little discouraged.
    Thank you!
  • "mission between your feet"

    I recently had the opportunity to be uplifted by, and with, some awesome women. The mission "between our feet" is to live an open, honest, authentic life out of the shadows, having difficult and awesome conversations with other women. I have recently had the delightful experience of hearing him, for the first time, clearly and without distraction, standing beside me patiently, as the loving and ever patient Abba that He is. My growth is due to some awesome, powerfully anointed women in my life. I want to be that impact for another woman. I ask that you pray not only that God gives me the wisdom and strength to hear and obey his calling, I ask that you pray that all of the women who heard His message with me, also hear and obey that same voice.
  • Husband laid off and just had a baby

    My husband and I just had a baby and last week he was laid off. I am not getting paid maternity leave so I don't know how we are going to pay our bills. We have struggled financially for the last 5 years and it just seems like we can never get ahead. These last few years have been rough for us physically, mentally and emotionally and it feels like we have been under constant attack in many aspects of life. Please pray for our family and that my husband finds a long term steady job with good pay and benefits to provide for our family. Thank you
  • Hope Strength Peace Joy

    Feel like barely holding on, I ask prayer for hope, health healing of my heart, life, wisdom, strength, freedom, friendships, peace, anxiety to be gone, purpose, guidance, softened heart for God, His will, know and love Him more, freedom from feelings of distress
  • My son

    My son had turn away from the Lord a few years ago. He is walking in rebellion. He is very confused and is struggling with some addiction. He is only 18. I just found out today that he may not even graduate. My heart is broken for him. Please pray with me that God will break the chains that bind him and set him free. That God will bring him back to Him. I know the Lord loves him. Please pray for wisdom for me, as his mom that I may be able to guide him in this process. When I look into his eyes I see deep pain. Please pray that as God comes in that he will accept His love and allow Him to heal his broken heart. He loved God very much as a little boy. He would run around with his bible man cape. Now he has a strong hatred towards God. He feels abandon and let down. I am praying that God would completely heal him and restore him. God is Love, He is a God of restoration.
  • Health

    I really need prayers for my teeth, gums and bone. I have taken good care of my teeth but for some reason the gums are receding and it's becoming unbearable. I am going to the dentist but I can't afford the surgery options.
  • Need prayer for Finanice and personal issues

    I have been struggling with finances and depression since my divorce 5 years ago this month. It feels like a big rollercoaster ride most of the time. A lot of up and downs. On a down cycle currently. Looking for some stability and happiness in my life. I keep praying, but my journey continues to be unstable and in no particular direction. Every time I think I am doing well and am on stable ground it gives away and I go backwards. Any prayers for financial and emotional stability would be greatly appreciated.