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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • financial

    Pls pray that r bldg sells it feels like such a big burden trying to make the payments. Don't have the money to pay it this month and we r a month behind. Just it to be reprocessed but I feel like the Lord wants us to keep trying. .so tired of it all.

    When I am weak I do things that I instantly regret and although I plead forgiveness I know I make God unhappy with my choices. I am weak when it comes to the body and the flesh, especially sexual sin. Please pray that with God's help I can learn a way to focus my thoughts on something besides sex . I want to please God so if you have ever struggled with this type of sin please pray for me and give me good Christian advice.
  • need your prayer right now

    Please pray for me right now if you read this prayer request.Please pray that God will protect me.I have a meeting with my company right now.At the same time we are having 5 day ministry for the kids this week.Please pray that the Lord will give me strength and protection from the work of the enemy.I have PTSD and my work is giving me a lot of pressure and even my boss adds more pressure to me.This day is really difficult for me .Please please say a prayer for me right now.I need your prayers.I believe that the prayers of the saints is powerful and effective.Please pray too that many kids will come to the bible club and that they will got save.Thank you.God bless you.
  • Total Despair

    Thank you for your time to read this. Eight years ago we lost our daughter to suicide. Since then things have gone steadily downhill. My husband and I moved to get better jobs closer to our children and the jobs didn't come. We have sold off pretty much everything we have and I'm now looking at all my utilities being shut off in the next 48 hours along with losing my car back to the bank. Satan has taken a firm hold of my family and I need him banished. My family and I desperately need some peace.
  • Summer struggles

    This summer has been very difficult because of temporary homelessness. Then to top it off, my work hours went down a lot. I'm trying not to stress it but I have upcoming expenses that's I can't get past and I'm trying to find a different job but that's not seeming to work out yet. I have also been trying to save money but the more I save, the more I have to spend on other things like work on my car, my sons needs with school, and a medical visit. I need the finances to get fixed before I have to live under the bridge officially.
  • addiction

    I have a sexual addiction and need the prayers of the faithful as I want to overcome this addiction that robs me from the grace of God. Please pray for me to have victory as I once again try to quit the habits that I hate.
  • Update on my husband Chuck and my niece, Debbie

    Chuck has done much better today. He was able to get up and walk the halls of the hospital floor. They took him off the self-medicating pump and he was able to maintain a fairly good pain level. It isn’t down to zero, but his pain level is about a 1 to 2 on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst. He was also able to sit up for about 5 minutes, which he hasn’t been able to do since Wednesday. There is a good possibility that Chuck may get to come home tomorrow. Oh, God is so good all the time. All the time, God is good! My niece, Debbie had her surgery yesterday, and they only removed her toes, not her foot as well. They will be putting a prostheses on for balance. They also found that she an irregular heart beat. Please pray for that. My sister Shirley needs prayer for her one Kidney. It isn't functioning well.
  • Ebola

    Hello.. I am sure you are all praying about the Ebola outbreak ? I have a couple friends from west Africa.. Their names are Mercy and Sandra.. I just ask that you could please pray for them ? That they don't get this terrible disease.. Sandra is doing missionary work there.. I also ask that you could pray she would get a financial blessing.. It is getting to the point she is not having the money to meet her needs.. And I thank you for praying for them.. God bless you
  • Cofused

    Hello, I would be glad if anyone out there could say a prayer for me. Am soo confused I don't even know the direction my life is headed. I am literally at sea. Thank you for praying. :)
  • relationship

    I am moving and I have a boyfriend in my current town and I am going to miss him very much. He has been more attentive to me since I found out I am moving; however, I believe this is putting us at a cross roads. I love him very much and my heart is breaking that I have to move. please pray for this relationship and peace for me. thank you.