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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing and peace

    Please pray for my 2year old daughter. she has a rare condition called Diphuse Diaphragm Disease. That means she was born with her right diaphragm muscle parlayzed. this causes her to get pneumonia every time she gets a cold. she also has asthma and we found out not long ago that she is hard of hearing. she was making good progress with her speech therapy. then she started this last weekend reverting back to only using certain baby words. we were told by her speech therapist that the type of noises she is making means her hearing is getting worse. she needs more tests to be done for her hearing and I am having a hard time with everything.
  • pray for my mom

    Please pray for our mother and our family members. She received results yesterday that she has small-cell lung cancer, an aggressive disease with a very low survival rate. She is growing in faith toward the Lord, and we believe our family members are too.

    We’re asking God to give her hope, to heal her completely through whatever path of healing or treatment He directs, but that His hand is clearly revealed as the source of healing. Most importantly, we cry out to our Father that He will reveal His Son to her as her truest hope in this life and only hope in the next. We pray that this whole situation would be used for good to bring them to faith in Christ and an abundant life. We ask that she will have wisdom for treatment, grace to endure, and victory over cancer and we can know that she and others in our family are part of Gods family.
  • Health

    Please pray for my co-worker's 6 year old niece who was electrocuted accidentally.
  • Prayer for friend

    Please pray for Harriet who is having major surgery on her lung tomorrow. Pray for the medical personnel working with her as well. Pray for her new husband. thank you
  • Gave money to a person who struggles with addiction!!! :-(

    I usually dont like to give money to people, when I know that it is going to go for alcohol or drugs, but I just did that about 15 minutes ago. I feel guilty & selfish. This person is my classmate, he doesnt have either of his parents in his life. His dad died about 5 years ago, his mom just passed away before Thanksgiving. I;ve been praying for him, & had it planned that I would pray with him when I seen him. I never see him but seen him 15 mins ago, & rather than pray w/ him I gave him about $1... I feel bad. I shouldve just prayed w/ him but I chickened out! Please pray for courageousness, and God to break the chains of addiction and silence in my life and my classmates life! Thank you.
  • Help me to be Thankful

    Please lift me up to our Heavenly Father. Pray for a Thankful heart as I wait for the Lord's timing with my job search. Pray for his favor upon me as I look/apply for jobs that will allow me to do his work. I pray for those that are working in the arena of serving others.
  • Healing

    I want to be completely healed from GOUT. This year I have had a constant struggle with this disease. I use my hands a lot & do a lot of walking here at work. This constant battle with GOUT is affecting my job as well as life at home. I know and believe that JESUS is my HEALER and that satan continues to use my health issues to draw me away from GOD.
  • out of work...again

    This is the third time in three years that my husband has shown up for work just to find out his position is being eliminated that day. He is in his fifties and is a hard worker. They hire him to fix a problem then let him go. We know God is in control yet he is so discouraged. My heart aches for him as he just wants to provide for us. Please pray for wisdom with our finances, open to God's leading and for him to not start doubting his worth and value. Thank you
  • dependence on alcohol

    My husband lost his job over a year ago and has grown dependent on alcohol to cope. Please pray for covering over our two kids and myself and for God to draw my husband to him and speak to him, guide him and bring him back to him.
  • employement needed

    I have been applying for jobs I am qualified for. Please pray I find a job as soon as possible. I need to money to take care of myself and my six children. I am a single mom. My finances have recently changed. Please specifically pray I find a job that is family friendly that will pay all of our bills and secure our future. thank you.