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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Need prayer for Finanice and personal issues

    I have been struggling with finances and depression since my divorce 5 years ago this month. It feels like a big rollercoaster ride most of the time. A lot of up and downs. On a down cycle currently. Looking for some stability and happiness in my life. I keep praying, but my journey continues to be unstable and in no particular direction. Every time I think I am doing well and am on stable ground it gives away and I go backwards. Any prayers for financial and emotional stability would be greatly appreciated.
  • Sudden death of my son's wife

    Please pray for my son and my four grand children whose mother died in her sleep last Saturday. Please join me in asking God to comfort, heal, and give them strength. My daughter in law was 32 years old. My son is 33. Children are 3, 5, 7, and 10. I live about 7 hours away and have not been able to be near them. Please also include her parents, brother, and grandparents in your prayers. Thy will be done. Thank You. Your sister in Christ, Shelly
  • Called to heaven

    GOD is calling for me. I believe he wants me to end the fight and be with
    HIM. Please pray for me. I'm ready to go to GOD's opened arms.
  • relationship

    I'm experiencing significant challenges in a relationship I am in. We need God to hold us together.
  • Granddaughter ran away from home

    Please pray for my beloved granddaughter she just turned 14 years old this month and has run away from home. She left school yesterday morning and has not returned home and did not go to school today. She has started running with kids that have bad reputations at school and no adult supervision out side of school. Her group of so called friends also need prayer for guidance and protection from satanic influences. My daughter her mom is grieving and broken and does not know who to reach out to. She has filed a runaway report with the police in Burien. I have been praying all night for God's protection and wisdom for my granddaughter. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.
  • Praying for a friend that's partner is dealing with addiction

    Please pray for my friend Kirsten as she is navigating the channels of addiction with her boyfriend. Please pray for her to reach out and use her supports and to seek God in prayer. Please pray for her boyfriend zach as he fights his addiction to alcohol. Please pray for my friend that she be offered God's protection and that she does not endure abusive behaviors as a consequence of the addiction.
  • Healing from stage 4 lung cancer

    Please pray for a former coworker who just retired and was also diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and given only 2 months to live.
  • Panic attacks and healing in the body

    I have been dealing with some pretty severe panic attacks. I have had a lot of health issues lately. My mind and body feel like it is falling apart. I fear I have cancer . I am waiting on Gods wisdom and peace. I try to meditate on His word but I still feel stuck in this Fear and hopeless. God is good! I know this . I know he is faithful! but I feel at a loss. I need wisdome direction, Peace and I desire healing in my sick body and that I pray I don't have cancer.
  • healing

    I need a miracle. For God to heal my soul. At times I think he hates me. I tried very hard in the beginning to be accepted by him, and to accept him. I don't know what happened. I admit I sin sometimes. But it feels like I have demons ripping and taring at my soul. Sometimes I think death would be easier then this. I need so many miracles in my life, spiritual, physical, financial. God please help me.
  • My heart

    Prayers for my heart to feel better and not be worried or troubled