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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Housing

    My friend in Ireland got denied the building permit she needed to build a house next to her father on her father's land. She has one last chance to apply for the permit before it's a permanent decision. Please pray that God would obliterate all obstacles in her way. Her father is in declining health and she would like to be able to care for him while she starts her own family. I truly believe God will give this to her, but please agree with me in prayer.
  • Relatiionship

    Please, keep DEJAN J. and me in continued prayers for:
    Improvement, developing and deepening of our relationship; STRENGTHENING OF OUR LOVE;
    For GOD’S PROTECTION, BLESSINGS and LEADING of our relationship, so that we grow into strong Christian couple and get married soon.
    Thank you for all your prayers
    Wish you all the blessings
    Katarina from Belgrade
  • update

    My whole life I have lived in fear.. Faced abuse nobody should have to face.. It shaped who I am as a man.. When I accepted Christ, I thought it was going to be easy.. But it turns out, being a Christian is not so easy.. Especially when you are broken.. My latest trial, my doctor prescribed me meds to take when my anxiety is really bad.. I have become addicted to them.. I am taking to many.. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself.. It is the only way I can have courage to face my job.. Which is very stressful.. My prayer is that God would make my spirit and soul right.. I know that God can heal me.. Two in agreement is better then one.. That I would be healed emotionally, to where I don't have to take meds.. and keep the demons off of me.. and I appreciate anybody who prays the same.. Thank you..
  • Husband

    Been divorced for seven years I didn't want to be divorced I want to remarry I kiss my husband please pray I meet someone I need a friend and feel alone
  • Mywife of 37 years is divorcing me

    After raising 4 kids and living life together my sweetheart has moved out of state and is talking about divorcing me. I have always been faithful to her, and I love her dearly. She says I don't listen and I am too slow to action when I do talk about changing. When I asked the Father to change her heart I got back that He is sufficient for me. Any prayers on our behalf that she could stick with our covenant would be gratefully accepted.
  • Things Are Getting Worse

    Hello all ,,, I went in to have the nerves in my lower back burnt for pain relief and instead
    the pain is worse. I still don't have a income and no way to go back to work. I am reaching
    out to God and others more everyday. Just asking for prayer.

    Thank You All
    Guy Wilks
  • Healing

    I really need surgery that my insurance won't cover. Things are getting worse for my jaw. I can barely eat from the pain. I tried a shake diet but I got really sick to my stomach. I am out of ideas. Please pray that God will either provide the money for the surgery or give me total healing. Thanks!
  • Need Employment

    I have been without employment since January. I need a job and it really should be a daytime job for the sake of my mental health. I struggle with depression and low morale when I work nights.
  • Family

    By standing up for myself in my marriage I became the enemy of my in laws who claim to be Christian. I have done all I know to do to try to mend relations but it's completely beyond what I have the ability to impact. Please pray for healing. The last thing in the world I want is for this division to be permanent but I see no other possible conclusion. Please ask that all parties, including me, become aware of our own part of this disaster.
  • Prayer for the Healing with financial loss

    Hi. It's Cris again.

    I thank you for all those people who had pray for me online. Just hoping GOD Almighty will help me with my troubles. Currently, only have enough food for a day. Insurance company threaten to take cancel the policy. I need the car to find work. Now, more bills just keep adding on. I really don't know where to start or who to ask for help. Both of my parents are no longer living. God, I messed up! Maybe this is a sign why GOD is not listening to me. Please continue praying for me so, Lord God will maybe reconsider of helping me with my trouble times.

    a Struggling college student. Thank you! God bless you whomever decided to pray for me.