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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • family

    Please pray for my husband to give his life to the Lord and as I raise our children to know Jesus. He knows who God is and is supportive of me raising our daughters to live for Christ but chooses not to himself at this time.
  • I Got the Job!!!

    Thank you to those who prayed for me yesterday regarding a 2nd job interview I had. Instead of the interview, they offered me the job. Praise the Lord!!! Thank you all for your prayers. I really appreciate it very much. I have the orientation tomorrow and then I start Thursday!!! God is so good!!!
  • Help at work

    Pls pray for our family's guidance with future work decisions. Husband wants to change next year, son & daughter need hours that are consistent & will be best as Lord deems best for their lives
  • Recovery from wife's affair

    I need prayer for healing and recovery from my wife's affair. We are working through it but I am still suffering from the pain and betrayal. Please pray for my wife to be able to straighten out her thoughts and feelings and for her to understand the scope of the damage this has caused. We have two young children and I am desperately trying to hold it together for them.
  • Teenage son

    Please pray for my son. A family member is trying to lead him astray to attend a church that is a cult. They teach you that u don't have a choice to choose To follow God and God hates us..
  • Strength & insight for son @ work

    My 24 yr old son struggles at his cashier job. It doesn't seem to be an honest place. Pls pray he has wisdom to find another job soon
  • Prayer for me & adult children

    My husband felt led by Lord to move 4 hours away last year. Our adult children have grown in areas & struggled also since then. I'm finally adjusted to new area & husband feels need to move again (to reduce mortgage & be in no earthquake area)
  • Guidance & healing

    Pls pray our family gets the confirmation in the guidance my husband & I are seeking about him changing jobs in a year. He has solid reasons for moving out of state (we recently had a difficult move last year). I'm struggling with his idea
  • False positive

    I have a good friend who is on probation and one of his drug tests came up positive for alcohol and he says he didn't do it he has a probation meeting in about an hour. Please pray that all goes as God has planned. I really would hate to see someone get into trouble for something they didn't do.
  • life changes

    please pray for me I am getting depressed. I don't have many friends, I need a job that will pay my bills. Ive applied many places. Please pray I get hired soon.