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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter & son-in-law's salvation

    Desire for the Lord & Biblical teaching & motivation from the Holy Spiritc in their hearts to turn to Him
  • Sister's upcoming court

    Lord to work in her situation & influence the judge's decision in regards to custody & visits with her 6 year old son
  • Healing for grandson

    Pls pray Markus will be healed from learning delays. Our daughter getting help for him but ultimately he needs the Lord to help him grow up normally
  • Encouragement for son

    Please pray our 26 year old son will be wooed back to the Lord in a mighty way! He's been discouraged & used to have a closer walk with the Lord but some circumstances have been hard for him to overcome. My hubby (his Dad) and I have recently talked to him & prayed with him. Hubby has been trying to get him to pay his own insurance & he needs to trust the Lord with his finances & not let this drive a wedge between us. He is 26 but works a minimum wage job. Hubby tired of supporting him
  • Prayer for adult children

    Please pray Josh can get inexpensive insurance & a chance to talk to us about finishing college. He is reluctant to try agin as he always fails math and needs to also continue working. In the past he hasn't been successful at both. He lived at home til age 26 and is now rooming with his bro & a friend. They also need to return to church

  • Marriage/Divorce

    My husband is emotionally/verbally abusive, twists my words, blames me, says horrible things to me, everything he is I am also in his eyes, his business/money is his lover and #1, he seems torn between money and God, I always take last place, he says he is divorcing me on a regular basis, he abandons me regularly with birthdays, vacations, bible studies, etc.

    He finally agreed to counseling several months ago but quits our counselor and complains about him on a regular basis - he says he is not going to and cannot stop his anger/rage, so I schedule to try someone else. Now, he yells at me because I tell truth and his secrets are out and he rages in an effort to preserve his supposed hidden altered personalities behind the scenes with me. Please help us as we navigate with which counselor we should proceed. I am losing endurance and strength, in feeling beat down and exhausted.
  • Simple request

    Please pray for my boyfriend. I fear he is back in the downward spiral of drug use. He is depressed and he feels hopeless regarding circumstances beyond his control. I want the man back that I fell in love. Please pray blessings over him that he loses the desire to use drugs and alcohol and finds love in the Lord. I pray several times a day for healing and would appreciate all of the additional prayers we can receive.

    Thank you!
  • ending of a relationship

    I just ended a relationship that I felt God was leading me to end. I am asking for prayers of peace, strength and continued guidance to get thru this time period. Although I know I am following God's plan for my life, it is difficult, and I could really use lots of prayers to get thru this. I know God has great things in store for me, but I need prayers. I believe there is powers in numbers......Thank you
  • My brother needs work.

    Please pray for my brother to find a job. He hasn't been able to find a job for quite a while now. All prayers are appreciated. God bless you all.
  • Early pregnancy

    I'm a couple weeks pregnant, and I've been having bleeding. The doctors checked the baby and said it was fine what worries me is a miscarriage. I have two beautiful little girls and I haven't had a miscarriage. There's been complications so far and I'm afraid. I ask that you pray for me and this little one. That God will walk with me and this baby in my womb thru this journey. I hope that my worries would fade away and my fears vanish. Thank you for your support.