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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Suicidal Son

    My son attempted suicide a little over a year ago. We got him help and he seemed to be doing ok for a bit. Now he is completely turned his back on God and is suicidal again. My heart is broken. Please pray that God will bring him to His truth soon and heal my son from all depression and suicidal thoughts. Please pray for his salvation and that God will bring a Christian male mentor in his life. Gods kingdom come and His will be done over my done.
  • My husband

    Will you please pray for my husband. My daughter is coming from Bellingham to visit us. My husband is going through withdrawals from pain pills. Please pray that the visit with my daughter be a good one. For God to touch my husband.
    Thank you!
  • Strength for this day

    Work in emergency services , must work double shift and will need strength of mind and body today.
  • Praise

    My prayer is a bit different in that I am here to share my praise of Him and His answer to my prayer. My prayer had been an on-going prayer of 49 years. As a young teenager I placed my daughter for adoption. All those years I've prayed - not for contact but just to know she was healthy & happy. LONG story short: a few weeks after her 49th b'day we spoke on the phone! His answer had never been "No" but was always "Not now." Thank You Father! My heart is overwhelmed with love. I ask you my friends/brothers and sisters in Christ; do not be discouraged when His answer is not what you wanted to hear, listen for His answer & remember His timing is Perfect. When you pray today, please remember to Praise Him. <3
  • Son's living arrangements and launch of own business

    My son has placed earnest money on a condominium in the Sammamish area contingent on the sale of his present home in Renton. Kevin wants to move so his teenage son will be close to school and friends. Also Kevin's hope is to create a home office where he can launch his own financial planning business and be nearby for Sam, my grandson. Please pray for wisdom, peace, and a full price offer.
  • Pray that Husband excpepts Christ

    My Husband is not an unbeliever but he has not excepted Christ as his savior. Please pray that he excepts Christ's gift on the cross and his forgiveness. Our Marriage needs this!
  • Husband's new job

    My hubby finally has a job close to home after several years of needing to travel, which is a praise! He doesn't like the work conditions, but willing to continue. Please pray he will have wisdom to know how to handle this new environment & the personalities that are harsh & demeaning. He worked successfully at a company 20 years but the last job is very difficult for him
  • Depression and going home

    I'm have been depressed since a head injury. My life has changed drastically with many losses. GOD has been calling me home since then. Please pray that I have the strength to follow his true calling. I'm weak.
  • Sitting Here In Tears ,, Reaching Out

    My doctor that was working on my back is sending me to Tacoma to see a surgeon for my back. I am out of time and money to live off from. Just paid the last months rent that I can afford. I think I have enough for the bills this month. I am trying so hard to be strong but I also have been told to be strong in my faith. I keep asking myself ,, where is God in all of this. HELP US LORD

    Guy Wilks
  • Brokenhearted

    I try to pray and stay on track but I am so discouraged and lost. I am questioning the existence of God. The physical pain is really strong because of accidents. I keep running into people who I know like to see me struggling. I really need prayers. I don't have the support from family. They just don't understand and think I should just get over it but I can't heal myself. Thanks!