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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

    I have been dealing with depression on an off for a few years now and am currently struggling. My relationship with the lord is not where it needs to be, I have just been skating by and I know that that is not what we are called to do. When I struggle I dig into God and then fall away when I start to feel better. I am single and have never had a long term relationship and am wondering where my purpose lies. I am wanting to listen to the truth in God's word and not the lies that are invading my mind. Feelings of guilt and shame are also a problem. I want to be content. I don't want to be afraid of my purpose in life. I have asked for forgiveness but don't feel forgiven. I know that these feelings are not truth but it is so hard to not listen to them. Thank you for the prayer.
  • Healing

    I have arthritis in my knees and need healing. I want to be able to keep working as long as I can.
    Thank you so much!
  • Private Battle

    I have been fighting a private battle for 3 months and today has been rough. Don't feel comfortable going into it but would you pray for peace for me? Thank you!
  • Police Officer

    I've been working really hard for the last 3 years to become a police officer. It's been really hard and I've been testing hoping for an interview. This last weekend I just completed the test to become a volunteer police officer for an agency here in my town that I really want to have the opportunity to work for and I hear it's really hard to even interview for them so I figured the volunteer program would be a great place to start. Well out of nowhere I recieved a phone call from the agency that they want to interview me! I am extremely nervous and so grateful that God opened up this opportunity. If you could just pray that God guides me through the interview and if this is where I am supposed to be I trust that He will open up this door! Thank you!
  • more hours

    A girl just quit where I work I would love to be able to take over her shifts this would give me the hours that I need and I would be able to stay in my current position and won't have to find another job.
  • Guidance

    Please pray we get the direction we need soon, as my husband feels Lord leading us in a particular direction. Prayers for confirmation about hubby's desire to buy land now before prices go up. It would not be as near our young adult children & grandchildren as I'd like but the best my hubby thinks to accomplish the goals we've prayed about for a long time.
  • Family moving to Utah

    My daughter-in-law is taking my son and grandkids out of state for her doctrine in Logan Utah and I'm struggling to remain positive at this questioning my faith at this moment.
  • update on abandoned home and mold

    In learning more from my certified mold doctor today, found out the new apartment we were to be able to move into in two weeks needs to first wait for 2 weeks for new construction dust to settle and hire someone to deep clean under and behind stuff then wait another 2 weeks for all to settle back to normal then do mold specific test then wait another 5 weeks plus however long to get consult on health stuff and have them analyze the results to see if it is safe for me to move in. If it is not and we move in beforehand, then we will have to throw everything away again and start from scratch. Either wait an additional 9 weeks to move in or continue to have my daughter drive 3 hours round trip the entire time to her 5 day/week job and 2 day/week night school. AND tell my husband that if he rebuilds our house that we would have to have that tested to make sure I could even live in it.
  • Healing

    Pray for my son he has been battling back pain for over a year and last Friday he got a shot on his back and we're just praying that this time it works.Thank you
  • Gods Will

    Your prayers please so that I will know how to help a loved one who has stage 4 cancer..when to ask for Hospice for the Grace of God to surround the family..