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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayers for my neighbor

    I just had to take my neighbor Ineva to the emergency room. She was feeling weak, and dizzy. She is 82 years old. She has been falling more recently to. She was dehydrated and the doctors didn't have a lot more to say then that. But I am concerned about her. She doesn't eat and drink enough. She lost her husband about a year ago. So, if you could pray that she would eat and drink like she should ? And that she would not be lonely ? That God would be with her ? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  • Rebuke the Enemy

    My family has been devastated for years over the schemes of the devil. I ask you to join with me in prayer for restoration and love! I ask for supernatural intervention over the hearts and minds of every member. I ask for God to show His love through me, until I can indeed show it myself! Jesus, I rest in your loving arms!

  • Friend and neighbor

    My neighbor is having heart surgery to replace her pace maker in 2 weeks. Please join me in prayer for her to get through it well and speedy recovery in Jesus name. Thank you.
  • Missionary service Persons in Afgahnastan

    Please will you join me in Prayer to our Father in Jesus name to protect these people and bring them home safely? Thank you.
  • Brandon and Jessica

    We are in need of prayer to put understanding in the hearts of our emplyers for the missed work so we dont lose our jobs. and prayer that our finacial problems i.e ( cars braking down week after week leaving us car-less). we also have had alot of court hearings against my abusive ex and it also has been the cause of alot of missed work. thank you for your prayers!
  • My son in the Marines

    My heart is so heavy that this is the first holiday we are gonna spend without our oldest son who is in the Marine Corps he left a day after he graduated high school...please pray for my wife and Myself thanks...
  • Rent

    I can't fix the rent issue. I beg God to either increase the income or let us move. I am on a roller coaster that I can't get off of and I am at my breaking point.
  • Dreams...

    I've been having very disturbing dreams. I just ask that you pray that the Lord would protect me as I sleep, and only have good dreams like flying! :D And not these horrible unclean dreams. Thank you.
  • Rabbits! Again! :)

    Hey prayer family! :)
    It's the rabbits again! ;) I'm getting them dewormed again. Just pray that this time the de-wormer will be 100% affective, and that, they will be healthy and strong, and that when I clean their cage today, that I will be guided by the Lords hand and be able to clean it very well, and that there would be NO more worms or worm eggs in the hutch. And that the rabbits will be completely rid of the eggs and worms. AND NEVER GET THEM AGAIN! XD

    Thanks!! :)

  • Best friend

    Pray the Lord sends me a best friend. If my relationship with my friend is to come to and end please let my heart heal fast. My friend hasnt spoke to me in over a week and I don't know why.