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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family

    I am asking for help praying for peace with my in laws. I have done all I know to do and need a miracle. Please join me in praying for healing the family relationships. I am praying God would give clear sign to either let go or how to try to move forward.
  • Financial

    We are 400 dollars behind and are praying that God will help us get through this tough time
  • Finances

    Praying that my parents house will sell soon that they will be delivered from debt & might enjoy financial blessing. Thank you
  • Family and friends

    I ask that my family and friends would be brought to God and that every evil thing would leave. Blessings on each ones homes
  • car

    My car needs worked on again.. It is older, and it is going to cost me atleast $300 dollars.. I am not completely broke, but near.. I have faith God will keep me above the water.. But I don't like this stress.. As the song says, I would like to do more then just survive.. I want to thrive.. Thanks to those who pray.. God bless you
  • Protection and direction

    Thank you Jesus for this job you prepared for me to do. Please protect me and help me do my best for your Glory. What do you want me to do next? Please help me trust you and hold my desires loosely. You know what is best. Let your will be done in all of my life, and in all of your church.please deliver us from temptation to walk fully with you.
  • financial

    Need a financial miracle please..
  • Foster

    Please pray for all of hd orphans in he world and all of the foster children of the world that they may find peace , love and happiness . For they all deserve it. But most of all first and foremost the Lord our God and savior!!
  • Grandchild NEEDS to Continue to stay with US, Daughter is definitely back into PROSTITUTION..We Need HELP

    PRAYER WARRIORS please keep PRAYING for our Grandchild to CONTINUE to STAY with our FAMILY..His MOM, our DAUGHTER is completely OUT of CONTROL,is DEFINITELY back into PROSTITUTION.. and wants to MOVE OUT with our GRANDCHILD..Lately She’s making our grandchild TALK to some Guy on phone...It’s EXTREMELY CREEPY,Nobody Trust this Guy..Pray to ABRUPTLY REMOVE this Guy RIGHT NOW from our Daughter/Grandchild’s LIFE..She’s CHOOSING to go BACK into PROSTITUTION.LIFESTYLE..We NEED DIVINE HELP and FAVOR and MERCY..The AUTHORITIES were notified recently because of ABUSE, and when CPS investigated her,She LIED about EVERYTHING.. and got away with it..Pray for MAJOR ROADBLOCKS and OBSTACLES for HER NOT to TAKE our GRANDCHILD from our HOMEe.PRAY for DIVINE INTERVENTION and IMMEDIATE HELP and MIGHTY FAVOR.. Thank you
  • GRANDCHILD to CONTINUE to STAY with US,,Our daughter is DEFINITELY back into PROSTITUTION..

    EMERGENCY PRAYER for our grandchild who lives with us along with our daughter..She’s Completely out of CONTROL is definitely back into Prostitution, and wants to MOVE OUT with our GRANDCHILD.. PRAY for DIVINE ROADBLOCKS and OBSTACLES that she won’t MOVE OUT with our GRANDCHILD..We Need MIGHTY HELP and FAVOR..I’ve been Freaking out..We’ve been told IF the AUTHORITIES get involved again,,they MIGHT put our grandchild in FOSTER CARE..I keep Praying and praying and nothing,yet..Lately She’s making our grandchild TALK to some Guy on Her phone..It’s Very CREEPY.. PRAY to ABRUPTLY and IMMEDIATELY REMOVE this Guy from our DAUGHTER and GRANDCHILD’S LiFE..RIGHT NOW,..PRAY whatever is going between our daughter and this Guy STOP..PRAY for DIVINE INTERVENTION and INTERCEDE and much NEEDED HELP IMMEDIATELY..