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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Garden

    I am a disabled woman and I rented a community garden as my doctor said this is really good for people with injuries. One day an elderly woman came into my plot to help and spoke no english. I didn't ask for her help and couldn't get her to stop. She was very harsh but helpful too but she didn't like the way I was doing things (from what I can tell from her tone). I couldn't speak with her and she sometimes grabbed hard on my shoulder. I am grateful for her help but I don't want her helping again and she can not grab me like that because of my injuries. I need God's divine intervention to deal with this situation. With the language barrier it feels impossible and I am starting to dread going to my own garden. Please pray that God will work the situation out. I have so few things in my life I get to do, I need this to be a positive experience.
  • All my old friends and their families

    Where I live there is HUGE amounts of dysfunction, addiction, and broken families. Please pray for all of my old friends I used to hang out with, my using buddies, and all of their families. Also a prayer for my friends Robyn & Jessie.
  • My family

    Please pray for my family going through something really serious.Pray that truth will come forward.My family has been torn apart.My heart is broken.we need a miracle.Thank you so much.
  • Mental Illness

    Hello, my name is James, and I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in my early 20's.. Since then I have also developed ocd, anxiety, ptsd, and depression.. I am now 38.. I am just tired of living with all the fear, shame, anger, and pain that goes with these mental illnesses.. I ask you to please pray for me.. And I hope that God blesses you also in the process.. Thank you
  • Brother's health

    My younger brother, Bobby, was diagnosed a year ago with Stage 4 rare cancer at the age of 24. He has been battling all year and doing well, but he just went through a stem cell transplant and has developed shingles. He has no immune system to fight this, and is very sick and in a lot of pain. This could be fatal for him. Please pray for healing!
  • Self Control

    I am asking for prayer as I need to find self control within myself. I tend to react without thinking and it is causing distress with my family. Please pray with me that with God's help I can stop and think before I react. AMEN
  • Prayer for sons

    Pls pray our sons have guidance & wisdom right now..one needs more work hours & for Holy Spirit to draw him to Himself & other needs college direction & determination to try again in subjects that he has failed in past..he doesn't believe me when I talk to him
  • Prayer for work situation

    Pls pray my husband will have tremendous insight at work..he has a damanding job and needs Lord to guide Him & encourage while under a very heavy load & constant interruptions and changes
  • Prayer for daughter's fiancĂ©

    Pls pray for Martin & Shannon..they need Jesus..they know the gospel & need Lord to draw them to Himself
  • Pray for daughter

    Pls pray our 21 yet old daughter seeks The Lord..she is engaged to a young man who is not saved & they have a baby..need salvation & marriage & college or tech school