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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Mother & sister

    Pls pray mother gets correct medical attention for her back issues & my husband's schedule/heart to be led by Jesus for future planning with her. Sister (36) depends on parents, needs work & deliverance from
    anger issues affecting her life & parents
  • Son's job

    Please pray he will have open door to get benefits at his job. He recently married and needs it more now. Hours just under fulltime
  • Sister needs miracle

    Please pray Rachel's husband will desire reconciliation betweeen
    them instead of divorce and that she will trust Jesus to keep her emotionally stable
  • Complete healing and restoration

    I had been having anxiety and ptsd for about 2 years now. Pray please that God heals me from that and leads me in everyday life.
  • Holy Spirit to work

    Please pray the Holy Spirit will soften family member's hearts to desire God's word and repent of sins, ask Jesus to save them
  • Healing

    Prayer wanted tonight for healing from my ongoing colds and now vomiting. Protection for husband amd grandkids from this virus and quick recovery for me!