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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Plantar wart(s) & GI problems - no treatment solutions

    Reading Romans 12 about discipline thinking I need to ask for prayer. This has been a struggle for not only me but my husband and daughter as well as their mom is out of commission and in pain so much. I'm 39 years old and recently had to jump through so many hoops just to get in to get a colonoscopy where they found and removed 3 precancerous polyps. So grateful God helped me perservere. I have itchy tush and tummy rash for 5 years that no one can figure out, now I have precancerous tissue growing in colon in between those areas. I've removed deep plantar wart 3 times over past 1 1/2 years with much crutches, pain, and numerous remedies I have tried to no avail. I'm feeling so alone and hopeless but keep finding strength in Christ - can you help me on this trail to healing in prayer please.
  • Sinus infection

    Please pray that this sinus infection will finally go away I hate having to keep missing work because of it. Thank you and God Bless
  • Financial

    I currently work at a nonprofit where I am paid by grants. If trumps new budget passes I will loose my job. I am a 63 year old widow living on social security from my late husband. I work part time. I have been looking for another good part time job n have an interview April 3rd. I don't want to make a mistake n leave when the Lord wants me to stay or stay when he wants me to take another job. Please pray for divine guidance n for the Lord to make it clear to me what He would have me do. There are some very ungodly things supported at my current position. It pays well n has some good benefits for part time. I know there are other excellent part time jobs. Change is scary for me n I fear taking a new position n having it not work out n be without a job at all. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Marriage

    Please pray for me and My husband. We recently got married in May, and we have been struggling to keep our marriage strong. I feel a sense of depression and anxiety when I think of our marriage, instead of doing good I feel like our marriage is falling apart. Every time we start to over come a difficult moment we catch ourselves being caught in another one. We have had family and friends attack us verbally and insulting us for what we have worked hard to get for our home. Instead of having encouraging and uplifting family and friends we have had a few who have done everything in their power to make us feel less and bring us down. We have recently lost a few close friends due to this reason. Please do a prayer to help save our marriage and a prayer for all those who have caused us so much harm and hurt.
  • Inner pain and health

    My sister and even mom keep taking their anger out on me. Whatever the frustration or insecurity my sister has, even jealousy my sister takes her anger out on me whether yelling or mean put downs. Both take out their anger on me and I keep taking it. I cry about it, but lately it's effecting my health. Please pray for them. And pray for me so God sends an Angel protecting me or God gives me strength not to take it.
  • prayer for healing

    dear sir please prayer for my friend roshanikumari.she is not believe in jesus.so please you pray for her therefore she will be believe in jesus and will be except jesus.
  • Major decision

    Please prayer that I make the right decision & know that it is God's will. I like the current company I work for but a new job opportunity with a different company is being offered to me.

    My prayer request is because for the past few years I have been constantly doubting God which I don't want to. I have been dealing with a lot of depression, negativity, jelousy, envy, resentment, sadness, frustration, and bitterness in my heart. I don't want to have that in my life anymore. I pray to God to take all that away from my life but nothing happenes. I want to move on with my life and only have positivity in my life. I also keep going back to a toxic relationship where I know I can't go back but I do. All I want is to be able to leave all this behind and have a renewed mind, trust God, be happy, and move on. My dads ex-wife has also done witchcraft over my family. So I would also like to pray to keep any evil away from us. For god to bring peace into my family and my life.
  • financial

    Need a financial miracle badly.. To fix or replace my car.. Things not going so well at work.. I work very hard for minimum wage, but can't afford to quit.. I just keep hoping God would give me a miracle.. In debt to the max.. Thank you for praying.. God bless your souls and lives.. Hope you all get your miracle.. Amen
  • Car accident

    Please pray for a family at my daughters school who were in a terrible car accident. The mother lost her life and the children are in the hospital with critical injuries. The father is in great need of prayers for all he is going through.