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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Deliverance from Drugs

    My 21 year old daughter, Kate, just moved home because she is homeless due to Meth use. Please pray she will go to drug rehab and that God would direct us to where she should go. Pray her current druggie boyfriend will move back to AZ and have nothing further to do with her. He beat her a few weeks ago but she still wants to be with him. Healing from her past sexual abuse. If she's saved for her to repent and get in a right relationship with God And if she's lost to be saved. For her to be a better mom, one that honors God. She has a 2 year old son but he lives with his dad. Safety for my family while we deal with her.
  • God to guide me

    Need prayers for guidance. Just had a baby she was early and in the NICU for 5 weeks. She is home but is a lot of work cause she sometimes stops breathing when she eats. It's not to terrible, just have to pay very close attention to her. Me and my husband are doing the best we can, we can't ask anyone else for help at the moment - not fair to ask when your kid may or may not breath when eating. So my hubby took off time from work without pay, I have to return to work soon. We need prayers for our baby girl to mature, God to help us with money to pay bills etc. and God's grace, strength and wisdom to raise this precious baby. Thank you so much for your prayers!❤
  • multitude

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God give me all of His Wisdom, Knowledge,Power Understanding, and Insight, to deal with and take care of all of my problems, and situation.. To Provide the Wisdom for me to remodel this house and property that He has blessed me with.. To fix both of these vehicles He as blessed me with.. To give me the right things to say to my co-workers. To put a Woman in my life to be my Wife, A Woman of His choosing.. Thank You very Much for your prayers..
  • Spouse

    Please pray for my spouse they are super overwhelmed and discouraged. Physically mentally emotionally and spiritually they have no rest. Please pray they seek Jesus and His will
  • Guidance for family

    Pls pray our move details will be directed by the Lord. Our lives are intertwined with our adult children & my husband needs to move he & I back to town we moved from 1.5 years ago.
  • Lord's wisdom

    My husband to have mind of Christ about the timing of a move & our adult kids to be able to find work if they desire to move near us
  • My life

    Pls pray I can have peace about the many changes that have occurred in my life this last year & for healing for my hand. I work at a daycare & it's been painful from excessive use
  • My husband's Dr visit

    Please pray that my husband has a great check up at the Dr's
    Thank you
  • healing

    Please pray for Vicky who fell on the ice yesterday and fractured her wrist in 4 places and also her hip.
    She is having surgery today.
    Thank you and God's blessings to all.
  • Seek Jesus

    Please pray for my husband to seek the Lord and His will for our family. Please pray he won't strive in his flesh make rash decisions and try to fix things himself. Please pray he will seek the Lord for wisdom counsel guidance and direction. Pray he will be in the word. Please please pray