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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • missing friend

    Over the weekend we had a tragic accident at our camp site on the river and one of our dear friends is missing. Please pray with me for her to be found and peace and comfort for her family and friends.
  • Possible eviction

    I am a single aunt raising my 2 nephews with little support. I do work full time but I had a financial emergency a few months ago and I can't seem to catch up. My rent is past due and my landlord is no longer willing to work with me. I don't have the rent and now I'm facing possible eviction this week. I have tried getting help but there is none out there. My nephews have been thru a lot in their lives and I'm scared that we will be homeless. I have prayed for answers on what to do. I know prayer works and I'm in need of extra prayer to be sent up. Thank you for reading this.
  • Daughter having heart surgery

    Marcie, in her 20's, is having heart surgery as I type this. Pray that all goes well. Thank you.

    Thank you all so much for praying! My story is the one in which my husband got let go from his job a few weeks ago just as I was finishing up my BA in Psychology. I had been a stay at home mother and The Lord put it upon our hearts for me to go find a job since I have the BA. So, I had a job interview a few days ago which I asked for prayer and I found out yesterday I got the job! Thank You Jesus! Also, my husband, to our surprise, got called yesterday for an interview! We thought he would be staying home with our 2 year old, but it seems The Lord might just work this out so that we can both work and just work opposite each other. I just wanted to put up this praise report to let you all know that prayers work and for us to all keep praying for each other! I wanted to encourage all of you today to keep praying and surrender your entire self to The Lord to do His will! Amen!
  • Missing Suicidal Mentally Ill Man

    Please pray for my friend whose adult son is mentally ill, suicidal and missing on the mountains. Pray for strength for her and that the son is found and alive.
  • guidance and protection.

    Please pray for God's guidance and protection and safety over my life! My family as well.
    I've experienced severe trauma. I'm heavily medicated.
    Pray that God would guide me where to go for the correct help. God bless you so much.

    I'm in my last month of pregnancy. Please pray for a safe delivery and that I may provide the best life for this precious wonderful child. God bless you!! The Lord is great.

    Pray that the Lord guide and direct in picking the perfect name! God bless and thank you!!
    Have a beautiful, blessed day...

    God Bless you, it is greatly appreciated!!!
  • Pain

    Please pray over me and De. We were in the same car accident several years ago when someone hit us hard and we still haven't recovered. The pain is overwhelming and nothing has helped heal the pain or at least lessened it. Thank you
  • New Job

    Please pray for my husband to find a new job. One that he will enjoy and that make him feel like he has purpose.

    Thank you
  • Burned kids' update

    Harbor View in Seattle; Joshua... having trouble breathing so had to re-intubate him & feeding tube went back in. He had his first surgery... to increase blood flow in his legs & to prep skin for his graft. Washing his legs every 3 hours. Keeping him sedated hoping to be able to take his tube out... Brooklynne still struggling w/eating & walking and [in great] pain... She has skin buds growing in the most damaged part of her leg, which is a good thing, but they are extremely painful. They have increased her pain meds and added melatonin at night...
    Please keep these poor babies and their exhausted parents in your thoughts and prayers: Joshua's parents are Robert and Tracie ~ Brooklynne's parents are Tyler and Jessica

    Would appreciate continued prayers. God bless all of you prayer warriors!
  • Waiting to see if I get the job!

    Thank you all for praying for me about my interview yesterday. It went awesome and I am supposed to know today if I get the job or not. Just to update in case people who read this do not know; my husband got let go at his job pretty much right after I finished my BA in Psychology. I have been a stay at home mom while he has worked. This left us no income when he was let go. We feel The Lord is leading me to go get the job and that my husband will stay home with our two year old now since I have the BA degree. So, yesterday I had my first post college interview and I am just waiting now to see if I get the job. It is working at a home for kids with developmental disabilities and mental health diagnosis. I just want to get a job where The Lord can use me. Thank you so much for the prayers and I am praying for your prayer requests as well!