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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • need prayer

    I am not doing so well in life. My relationship is in shambles. Don't know if I can really trust the person in my life. They just keep letting me down. I am taking 3 different meds for everything from anxiety, to bipolar, ptsd. I believe that I have accepted Jesus, received the Holy Spirit. So I don't know why I am living in this life with these problems. I know that God never promised us everything. But when your afraid to go out the door that is just crazy. I ask that you would pray that God would give me healing in my life. I am doing what I can to manage. But I am never happy. I could use a financial blessing too. Hugely in debt. I thank you for your prayers. God renew a right spirit in me. And mind. Amen
  • My Child

    One of my own is in the midst of a deep valley. As a Mom, it is hard to watch them go thru it and feel helpless as how I can "fix" it. I know God is in control, I pray he takes hold and His will be done. I can't wait to see the glory on the other side of the valley, I promise to share then too. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Husband's chronic pelvis pain

    Good morning. My name is Jennifer. I am asking for prayer because my husband has been suffering from ongoing pelvis pain. Please pray for healing and peace during this time. The doctors cannot find anything wrong with him. The orthopedic thinks it may be tendonitis of the hip tendon.Thank you. My husband went to have a steroid injection into the tendon in his pelvis that connects to his hip this morning. Please pray this relieves his pain and helps him heal.
  • Healing for eye

    My husband has developed a blurriness in one of his eyes. The optometrist verified nothing can be done for it. So we're believing God to touch it. Thanks for your prayers!
  • praise report

    Thank you for praying for my MIL's vehicle. It is no longer having engine problems. She also wasn't getting enough hours at work but has been able to find a second job. Thank you, Jesus!
  • Anxiety over upcoming trip

    I deal with general anxiety problems, and the everyday stuff generally is ok (some days better than others though) but going outside of my comfort zone is really hard and stressful. My family and I are planning on traveling over to the West side of the state for some vacation time with the rest of the family next week and the anticipation of it is very stressful and makes me feel really tense and uncomfortable.

    I would really appreciate prayer for peace and courage, both during the trip and leading up to it. I want it to be a fun and meaningful time with family, and this anxiety just makes me want to hide.
  • Christian Karate teacher

    Pls pray the teacher that came to our Christian school will desire to say away from Eastern religion & just focus on self defense & not their chants (Dia saying means God of war, etc)
  • Bills

    Please pray that God will provide for our bills while we are in transition. Also, pray that my mom will be able to have gas money to go to church. She lives far away and can't get a ride but she really wants to go. Thank you and God bless!
  • Under Employment

    Last May I lost my job of 21 yrs: This January, I lost my wonderful mother to dementia, and 2/3 of our family income. The people at work were great: 3 days paid bereavement, and more hours but, also, a warning: The hours they were giving me would have to be made up later in the year. A rule in the A.C.A. that came in effect this year is that a part time worker (me) can only work an AVERAGE of 29 hrs a week. If they work more the first half of the year they MUST work less then 29 hrs per week the second half of the year. I'm now down to 16 hrs a week. I can not be called in more because its hours worked not hrs scheduled. So, I need either a 2nd part time job, or to secure a full time position with the company I'm now with. Gods will be done. I'm also 54 yrs old witch doesn't help my prospects. I also care for my older brother.

    please pray for me,

  • Healing and Restoration

    Please pray for me. I've been very busy with church and had huge anxiety over a relationship and my future that my health took a toll. Specifically my period went dry. Feeling very sick in my stomach. Please pray for healing and restoration.