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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Anger

    Please pray for me. I have so much pent up anger and bitterness towards my family. I didn't even realize this until recently. I find my self searching for kind words, but all I get are shouts, glares, and hurtful phrases. I am in need of Gods love. I find myself exploding in my room, by punching my bed, and screaming into my pillow. Surprisingly this seems to help release pent up anger, but the frustration remains. I find myself searching for love, yet trying to get alone. Please pray that God will give me peace, and that I will be able to feel his kindness.
  • Prayers for my Relationship

    My bf & I have been together for almost a year. We have joined our families & we live together. We have been struggling financially & it has put a huge damper on our relationship. He told me he is unhappy with life, our relationship, & himself & doesn't know why. He said he is going to move out & will be taking a full step back from our relationship so he can figure out what's wrong with him. I need desperate prayers right now that God wraps his arms around him & brings him back to me so we can work thru this together. I feel that he is fighting major demons right now. He has told me that he feels like he’s drowning & doesn't know which way is up or down & doesn't know why he is so unhappy with himself & what he is doing anymore. I love him more than I can explain & won't give up on him or this relationship.
  • What God Would Want Me To Do.

    This last Thursday I got up to go to work and went outside to my car and someone broke out a back window of my car. The weard part about this is all they stole was my Bible. I don't understand. But the sucky part about this is that I have to replace that window. I have two daughters and one son and four grandkids I wanted to buy Christmas presents for and need to buy a Christmas tree. I don't know what to do. I am praying forgiveness for the person who broke into my car ,,, I know that is what God would want me to do. But I am also asking for guidance from God. I walk around and cry like today I have to go to church and no Bible. I feel so violated. Not sure what to ask for prayer for but just needed to tell my story.

    Thanks For Listening,,
    Guy Wilks