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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter relationship

    Lord to guide daughter to seek Him & desire church attendance for her & her son
  • Son college success

    Pls pray our son finishes strong with his tech school & that his car will run smooth with no more problems & he gets a job near us...Lord willing!
  • Son needs job

    Please pray our son gets a job soon with hours that will not conflict with school & church...thanks so very much!
  • Wounded heart.

    Could you lift up my friend Lil to The Lord? Her heart is so wounded since childhood. She is now in her 50's. God is trying to reach her, but she has built up so many walls around her heart. Her church she went to as child unfortunately did not teach of Gods love and grace. Also, that God would continue to use me as His servant to show who He is to her.
  • a good sign

    I got some hope today. God gave me money to pay for my basic phone and gas and separately a card to a restaurant for food. Maybe there is hope that He will still come through for rent in 3 days. I am hoping this is a sign and this trial is almost over. I don't care where I live; I just want to be safe and not have to stress about bills.
  • Prayer for children & grandchild

    Requesting prayer for sons to seek you with school & friendship decisions & daughter to re-dedicate her heart to The Lord. I'd also like for my hubby & I to be able to spend special time with them for Thxgiving and Christmas and be able to work out the complicated details.
  • Prayers for my cousin

    My Cousin really needs prayer. He recently made a very bad choice and now is in prison. He know he needs Jesus but We all need to pray that through this he will find him and start living his life for Jesus. He has 4 kids that are very young. Please join me in praying for him. Thank you in advance!
  • Prayer for my sister, Shirey

    My sister, Shirley is in the last stages of life. The doctors have taken the ventilator tube from her and she is breathing very labored. Please pray that in the Lord’s mercy that He will take her home to be with Him. I will miss her very much, but I know I will see her again in Glory. Thank you for all your prayers.
  • Home and finances

    I'm asking prayer and claiming that God will send good people to rent my house. After years of struggling to live in my home it has become apparent that I need to rent it out ASAP before the bank takes it from me. I am fortunate that I have daughters I can stay with but I will be imposing on there families and I do not want to cause problems with my son-in-laws. I am behind on my mortgage and have November to move , clean and rent my house and I work out of town during the week. I believe after much prayer and discussion with God that this is the right move an I know Gods hand is in this. I ask prayer for my worries and anxieties that sneak up on me be kept in check and that I stay focused on keeping my eyes above the water. Thank you so much
  • Sigh.

    Hey Prayer family! I just ask that you'd pray (And declare) health over Harvy! (My rabbit) He might have another issue, Just pray the lord will heal him, and protect him!

    Lord, I just ask you would let Harvy's body glow with health and protection. Thank you lord for what you've done so far.