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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Nephew in hospital

    Please pray for our 8 year old nephew David. He has been battling a form of encephalitis and is now suffering from seizures. The doctor said he has Cerebral Infection Related Epilepsy Syndrome. He has been in the ICU for over a week now. During this time the family has drawn closer to Jesus and we know he can heal this boy. We ask for prayers for healing for David, strength and continued faith in the Lord for the family, and for the other families and their children that we have met at the hospital. Thank You Jesus and Thank You all for your prayers. God Bless You
  • Hubby new job

    Pls pray he adjusts quickly to his new role. It's similar in some ways to what he's used to but very different in other ways. Pls pray he recalls easily & learns quickly
  • Pray for my brothers

    Please pray for my brothers Jarod and Cole. They are about to start some ranch work where they are going to work 10 hour days, 6 days a week. They have a bad work history and have been known to quit, please pray that the Lord gives them the strength to continue and that they work with integrity. I pray that they come closer to the Lord and find more faith in God. Please let this work be a blessing to them. I pray that my brothers and I can become friends. Please, I ask this in Jesus name.
  • Family Healing...

    Please, pray for healing, peace & forgiveness in my family....for all to see the love, hope & strength of Jesus.....thank you....
  • Prayers AGAINST Cancer!

    A coworker told us her spouse, Chris just found out he has metastatic cancer in his ribs & back. I ask for prayers for Chris. Prayer for his family (spouse & two children).
    GOD is good! BELIEVE, TRUST, FAITH and PRAISE our Father!!

    Thank You :-)
  • hi

    Ive been kinda doing some thinking i wanted to let you guys know i miss my grandma that passed away from a stroke and my aunt that i was close to and my grandma so if u could pray for them and i just need to put flowers on there grave but i just been wanting to do that.
  • Community Meeting

    Tomorrow night, my town is going to have a meeting where a significant, impactful decision will be made, one w/ many consequences that seem to be, being overlooked. I am hoping for an opportunity to speak, not because I want to, or am an eloquent speaker, but b/c I feel compelled to. Please pray for boldness, the power of persuasion (through Christ), and that this major decision will not be rushed through or decided quickly. Pray for God's supernatuarl intervention... and please pray that I won't chicken out at the last minute. I would be so very grateful for any prayer support out there. I know that God can intervene, but I am also feeling a bit hopeless at the moment b/c it sounds like the decision has already been pretty much made, and it is not a good one, but one where the $ over-rides the life shattering consquences. Thank you so much.
  • Please pray for me & my boyfriend

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 2 years. We have had our ups and downs. I thought we were doing really well. We were going to church and planning our future. Last night after dinner he said he had to leave. I thought he would be back. He went to his grandpa's house. He texted me this morning saying he thinks we are done but really didn't give a reason. Just that he doesn't feel right about us. I feel in my heart he is the man I am supposed to be with. I was married before but I my feelings for my then husband were never as deep as they are for my current relationship. Please pray he slept on the thoughts and has changed his mind. I don't know how I will live without him. He is my rock.

    Please pray for us and send positive light to us.

    Thank you!
  • Healing for Pat and her sons

    A wonderful woman named Pat has two sons who are in need of prayer and healing. Isaac is in a lot of back pain since some work related accidents in 2007 and the doctors say there is nothing they can do. Her other son is on drugs and she hasn't heard from him since November 14, 2015. Please pray for healing for all of them.
  • Please pray for my friend

    Please pray for my friend Lisa, she has Multiple Sclerosis (M.S), Fibromyalgia and other health maladies such as gerd, upper and lower back problems and problems dozing off around 5 PM. She has a great heart and is involved in many church activities at our church, she is trying to grow in the Lord. I pray that the Lord heals her and blesses her.