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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Lord, We call for Your promises

    Dear Lord, we call upon you today to save Amy and bring her into Your salvation and Holy word. Lord, we ask that you would fill her heart with your love, forgiveness, and reconciliation with all those she has hurt. Lord, we know we can call upon You and You will answer for Your promises tell us so. We ask this in Jesus name, thank you all for your prayers.
  • Grandson

    Our grandson is almost 5 and has autism. He is a huge part of our lives. Prayer for the Lord's hand of protection to be on his life and circumstances this Resurrection Sunday!!!
  • Church Sunday

    Prayer our sons & daughter-in-law will attend church with us Sunday for Easter and Jesus to revive their walk with Him. Daughter having surgery Good Friday, Lord to restore her walk with Him
  • Daughter surgery, etc

    Prayer for our 25
    year old daughter, with 2 young children. Having surgery on her foot (for the 2nd time) on Good Friday. Lord to help her emotionally, as she is also going through hard stuff
  • Health

    Been dealing with health issues Dr says it's irritable bowel syndrome but I'm not finding relief despite the change in diet. Been feeling down lately as well. My grown kids and son in law also need prayer to make right choices,not sure if he's born again .
  • Need prayers

    I have a big issue to deal with on Monday and decisions to be made on a serious unspoken matter. My elbows are failing me and causing pain every time I use them and I have shoulder problems and migraines. I need $400 just for one bill. I really need to move into a house for my injuries so I can stop using stairs. I will be without a phone for two weeks. Please pray for me and these issues.
  • My Family

    I just feel like my family is falling apart! And our children are the ones that are getting hurt by all of this! Drugs and alcohol have a big part on this and I pray that God will help him change! He is a great person not on drugs. Please help me pray that things will get better in Jesus Christ name Amen
  • Coworker

    Please pray for a coworker who is in a critical health situation. Pray for his family also
  • I Need Someone To Pray For Me.

    In Tears right now. Been dealing with a sore throat. My Doctor sent me to a sleep doctor. That doctor told me if I did not do there test that there is a chance of a heart attack or a stroke. My body seems to be breaking down in so many ways. I will be 62 in September. I want the pain to stop. My back ,,, my neck is causing head ache's all the time ,,, my throat. What is happening to me ? Help me lord. Help Me Please. Thank You For Your Prayers.
  • work problem

    Please, please pray for me. I have to address a situation at work that will cause me some grief, something I did wrong. Pray that I will have the right words, and that there will be mercy left for me.