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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • 1st home purchase

    Please pray for God to bless our family with a house we can call our home and that it can be a blessing to us.
    Thank you
  • God will

    Please prayer for me I had brain surgery in 2013 and I loss Grandmas in 2006 pass away when I was 17 year old My brother in law Rap me and sister who was married to him she don't want any things to do with me I don't like to talk about it with family My heart is broken in side of me hurt also if someone can email me that would be great keep me in your prayer
  • Years of struggling

    we have been struggling with finances for 12 years off and on. I am on the edge of giving up. My husband is now mad at god. We can barley pay bills. We lived off credit cards for years, which is now something we are paying on too, We just don't have any income coming in. I have applied for so many jobs for years and never get anywhere. I don't know what else to do, am in tears. I can't not handle this anymore. 12 years of struggling I am just about done. I want to give up.
  • Car trouble

    I just put $1600 into my car. I need it to run. I don't have any more money but my car started making a clanking noise and it is cutting out. I had the car thoroughly checked out not 6 weeks ago and was told that everything else after being repaired was in fine shape. I am nervous to trust the mechanic and hoping he will be honest with me and not try to rip me off.
  • The storm

    I have been in the midst of a storm for years that has wracked my soul with grief and shaken my courage with despair, and now I feel is undermining the victory by cutting the thread of hope and sanity. These are feelings - NOT God's promise!

    Please pray for me to see His Promises, Peace and Victory in Christ!

    Let the praises overcome the tears and fears! Let His presence overtake the circumstances!

    Thank you for being part of the two or more gathered in His Name and to bring forth the banner of His Promises! Great is our God ... Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice that made it possible for us to reach out to our living GOD!
  • Shoulder problems

    I had shoulder reconstruction on both shoulders many years ago. The other day I was doing some light gardening and I reinjured my right shoulder joint. It is catching every time I reach for something or move my shoulder; it grabs and pulls and hurts down into the bicep. God please heal me!
  • Ms. Eloise bounce back sweet lady

    Please pray for healing, comfort and that she feels our love. Thank you and may God bless you.
  • Please pray for my future

    I would just like prayer for my future and that God leads and guides my steps and that I overcome the fear I have for the future. Thank You for this prayer site.
  • Prayer for Hope

    Prayers are needed please for Hope to carry on. My current job causes lots of agony and stress and I can't continue much longer.
    Praying God provides me with a new job with a career position to allow me to be on my own. Some days I just don't think I can carry on. Prayers for strength as well. Thank you all so much and God bless!
  • Swollen foot and leg

    Left foot, ankle, and calf are swollen. Docs not sure where the infection is exactlt located or went it is infected. No other health issues...had loads of tests and was in hospital with IV meds. Now at home. On meds. Have to go back to work but not sure I can tomorrow. Might wait one more day so I have until Monday for it to rest and heal.