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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • heal Tammy

    Our friend Tammy is currently in a medically induced coma, at 10 o'clock tonight the doctors are going to try to bring her out of it. My prayer is that you all will send a prayer her way as as well as to her husband Ben. I pray that she will come through this and make learning decisions from the choices she has previously made!!! I will always believe... GOD IS GREAT!!!
  • addiction

    Only the Lord can stop addiction. Please pray for Jack.
  • Older brother died

    My older brother decided to take his life away on October 1, 2014. This has brought much pain to my family and I. Please pray so that God can give my family, especially my parents, strength and peace to heal from this devastating loss. Thank you!
  • Mom in hospital

    Asking for all PRAYERS to pray for my mother as she is in the hospital with dehydration and low potassium they are doing a lot of tests on her. The doctors think that she has had a mini stroke and pray for us kids that we can have the strength to be their through all of this that's happing with our mom.
  • Prayer emotional strength

    Please pray for me. I am in my lowest point of my life now. I got married last Jan 8, 2014 and last Aug 30 my husband admitted that he's been cheating on me. Please help me pray for emotional strength, peace of mind and enlightenment. That this too shall pass.
  • Wisdom, Healing and GoodLife

    I would like you to pray for me, so God blesses me with His abundant wisdom so I can live the Godly life. I want Him to heal my way of life and He should bless me with Good Life . Amen.
  • My son

    He needs Jesus and a job, so very much. My heart is hurting.
  • Healing

    Cory sustained a traumatic brain injury and needs prayers for healing and peace.
  • stage 4 lung cancer

    please pray for my brother-in-law, john. he is in a battle with this cancer. they told him he only had maybe 2 years to live. we have been praying and believing God for healing. please join with me and his brother and niece and nephew in praying that he will beat this horrid disease! thank you in advance for your prayers! praise God for his healing! i believe!
  • prayers for nephew

    My nephew Justin was acting really strange. Washing his hands a lot, and not talking to people. Being really shy, having a lot of anxiety. We took him to a counselor and found out that his older brother molested him pretty much his whole life. This shocked everybody in the family. Long story short. Now Justin is talking about becoming a woman. I am not here to judge anybody on their sexuality. I just ask that God would take ahold of Justin's life. Heal him from the inside out. That he would not have to live with the shame, guilt, and pain. Something good would come from this. Thanks to all who pray