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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • travel fears

    My family is so blessed to get to spend a week together, but my sister and I both struggle with anxiety and it seems to get worse around vacation times. It is especially hard since we are traveling with her children and that amps up the worry substantially! Please pray for a safe vacation and a peace in our hearts so we are able to truly enjoy this time together without the crippling fear of anxiety. Thank you so much for your prayers!
  • Asking for a miracle

    Already injured and a woman rearended us. I need money for bills and gas to get to my many doctor appointments. We are super stressed out and don't have enough food. Please keep us in your prayers.
  • My husband

    My husband is in a really bad mood about our finances. He said he will never pay his tithes. They raised our rent.
    Thank you for your prayers
  • Strength for My Father

    My Father David is going through a tuff time right now, I am helping him move out of his place into something smaller, however he has 20+ years of collecting stuff. We are sorting and donating as much as possible, but he gets really tired easily, dizzy, and has shakes. I am worried we are not going to have enough time to get it all done. He also just lost his dog that was 13 years old, she was a pom and was killed by a bigger dog. He is really depressed. He also isn't sleeping well at night, hasn't been for a few months now. I am asking please pray for my father to sleep well so he has strength so we can get everything done in time which is by August 10th. Also, that he doesn't shake and get dizzy. Thank you and God Bless.
  • Help Threw My Fear Today

    I am going in to Inland Imaging to have Cortisone Shots in my spine. Makes me nervous when start messing with my spine or a major part of my body. Please help me pray for comfort ,, Pray for no pain ,, and most of all healing of my back. Thank You for your Prayers. God Bless
  • Guidance for hubby

    My husband needs guidance about going into full time ministry in a year. It would mean we live on retirement for next 20+ years. Seems too much for me to handle but want Lords will if it is what He wants
  • Son come to church again

    Pls pray Jared will come to church with us & re-dedicate his life to Jesus
  • Daughter & fiancĂ©e to trust God

    Pls pray Shannon & Martin will put their faith in Jesus instead of science & their own desires
  • Son & friend know God's will

    Our son & his friend are Christians & need Lord's guidance/discernment to know if they should be in a serious friendship or not
  • Prayer for sister

    Pls pray Rachel will desire to trust God & forgive family for mistakes made over the years & will be set free/ delivered from depression