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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Guidance for elderly mom

    Pls pray my Mom sense Lord's leading with moving to be near me (daughter) or stay where she's at to help other daughter which is a relationship that is topsy turby often
  • Guidance & job for son

    Our 2nd son needs a job that fits well with college & church needs & he knows Lord's leading with a relationship & his career soon
  • Sons job offer to finalize

    Pls pray all details & final requirements are met soon & smoothly & he desires to go to church with us when he moves out here
  • Healing and cleaning

    My beautiful, smart daughter has lost her job, her home and her child due to mental illness and self-medication with street drugs. Please pray for her to seek help and become clean of drugs.
  • surgery

    I am getting ready to go in and have a surgery this morning 5/1/15 about 10am. I am very stressed. Please pray for me and the surgeon.
  • Daughter's Relationship

    Please pray for my daughter that she will draw closer to the lords to help her with her addiction to social media and also that the lord would bring a godly friend into her life. Pray also for this relationship she has with a young man that god's will be done and god would be the center of their relationship. That he will make it known to my daughter how he feels about her.
  • Depression due to stress

    I am so depressed due to stress in my life. My finances are a mess due to an injury, I never have enough food, my car needs maintenance, having issues with my landlord and the stress is making me extremely depressed like why bother anymore. Please pray for me!
  • Husband and finances

    My husband and I have decided to pay our tithes and offerings to the Lord. We have a fixed income. My husband has addictions that he needs healing of. It is our anniversary tomorrow and we have no money To do anything. My husband is depressed. He does want to be set free.
  • Prayers for Barbara!!!

    Hi please pray for my friend Barbara inTexas. Thanks for the prayers for 4/27 0943!!! They really help and encourage me. My friend is going thru chemo is on 5FU drug. She could use some encouragement now! Thanks. john
  • prayer request

    Pray for me as I'm going through a divorce and my heart is broken. I am a believer, and I'm trusting the Lord to help me and my family navigate through this, some of us are struggling w deep depression. Pray that broken inner family relationships will be mended and hearts healed.
    I also need to find a part time job.
    Please pray that my adult son will come back to the Lord.
    God is mighty and I know He will work all things for His good.
    thanks for praying with me.