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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Low spirits, and Protection.

    I would like to just ask for prayer for protection over my family.
    And I've been constantly going through tests, and I feel like I'm getting hit by one thing after another, like bad news...

    I would also love prayer, for my male rabbit. He has weepy eye, and the sniffles, and I would appreciate it if you could pray, that he would be fertile! I bred him with my female, and she made a nest, but hasn't had babies.....I know it isn't her, because she's had a litter before....but, please just pray that he becomes fertile, if he isn't already. Because I'm really attached to him, and I might have to sell him if he doesn't help produce babies! ="(
    I know its kind of a weird thing to pray for, but I know God can do anything, and I would appreciate your prayers.
    Thank you.
  • Please Pray For Martha My Sister In Law

    PLEASE pray for her. She has colon cancer. A few weeks ago she had to be taken off chemo because she was having problems breathing when she exerts herself. They thought it was caused by the steroid meds that she was taking. The doctors found out that she has a blood clot in her left arm and ONE in her chest. The one in her chest is what is causing her breathing problems. PLEASE LORD, DON'T LET HER DIE!!!! I SPEAK LIFE & STRENGTH & HEALING TO HER BODY & MIND IN JESUS NAME!!!! I am disabled and she helps me a lot around the house. Thank you for the prayers. God Bless you ALL!!!! *Ron*
  • Eye Surgery

    Please pray for Jennifer's eye surgery to be successful. She has a detached retina and is having surgery next week.
    The surgery has a 85% success rate and a difficult 10 days of not being able to put her head upright. I pray for God to guide the surgeons hand and give Jennifer the strength and support for a full recovery. Thank you and may you
    be blessed.
  • please pray for us

    Please pray for my husband that God will protect him from the evil. He is doing a lot of things for the ministry like Evangelism, bible club but the enemy doesn't want him to do that so he's trying to discourage him and make everything hard for him in his job,our relationship and etc.So he is asking prayers from those who read this that God will protect him, give him strength and courage .please pray that Lord will help us in this difficult time.
  • MY youngest sis is sick

    We need prayers for my youngest sister Kim ... She in in stage 3 cancer ... She has a husband who is in great distraught about this .. His nane is Wade ... She is not responding to treatment well .. So we think that We need God to be with her very close ... I love Jesus and i know he loves us all ....Please pray for them .. thank you and God Bless you all thank you ....love from me teresa
  • sickness

    My girls are feeling sick
  • Arrested for loving Jesus: Meriam Ibrahim

    I don't know Meriam Ibrahim but have been praying for her. She was arrested in the Sudan for not being a Muslim and for being a Christian and had to have her baby in prison with a death sentence hanging over her head. Her husband is wheelchair bound. She was freed yesterday and she and her family were at the airport trying to leave for the US and they arrested her again in front her babies. Her only crime is being a Christian and not being willing to denounce Jesus Christ. She and her family need God to intervene and help her be able to leave the Sudan since they are not safe there.
  • Husband's Job

    Hello there :) This is my first time posting here, but we need all the prayers we can get at the moment. Could everyone please pray that my husband will not loose his job and that management will let him keep it? Oh thank you so much for praying. His job is our one income right now and we have a two year old, teenagers, and are renting a house. I have never faced this before, so it is uncomfortable. We are clinging tightly to The Lord and I believe prayer is so powerful! God bless all of you and thank you again!
  • Troubled Marriage

    My husband and I have been married for 9 years. We have 3 wonderful lively boys who touch my heart everyday. Recently my husbands anger has given way to violence on objects. A few weeks ago I wanted a separation to give him time to think and time to seek counseling. However I'm come to realize that all that will do is lead to a divorce. I don't want a divorce I love my husband dearly. We've both made mistakes. Now he's decided that he doesn't want to work on our marriage that he just wants to be done. I've been praying and realized divorce isn't what God wants for us. I'm going to pour my heart out tonight and suggest that we start from the beginning and get to know each other again. We don't know each other anymore. My prayer request is for God to soften my husbands heart so he will put down his pride and be able to feel how much I love and cherish him and what we have.
  • Back Surgery

    My very good friend, Karen, is having back surgery in mid-july for ehr advanced case of scoliosis. She has a 52% curve and if anything goes wrong, she could be paralyzed from the waist down and never walk again, and Karen is a very bright and happy person, who loves sports. I would really appreciate it if you kept her in your prayers every once in a while, thank you guys!