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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

    URGENT PRAYER, for Me, I have to Drive somewhere new today Please PRAY I don't get LOST, please PRAY for a HEDGE of PROTECTION, a PEACE, thanks, God bless
  • Spiritual Attack

    Please pray for me. I am under an immense spiritual attack. Please pray for me to have a sound mind. Please and thank you.
  • Needing help with TMJ and bite

    I am asking for prayer again. I recently had some dental work done and still weeks later my bite is off. The dentist is slowly sanding off my enamel to make it livable. Says it is a small amount and the pain of not fixing it could lead to a root canal. Still I don't like losing enamel and I just want God to heal this never-ending nightmare. I am afraid I will be stuck with this off-bite. Having TMJ with something like this is really making me lose my mind. I am not sleeping well at all. My joint hurts all the time. I need prayers for a medical healing. I want God to restore my teeth, bite and jaw.
  • Prayer request for a friend

    I have a friend that is going through a very difficult time and she could use prayer. She is in the medical profession and has turned her back to the Lord. I have been trying to work on her to turn back to Jesus. She has a Christian background, but unfortunately because of her profession she has basically decided that a relationship with the Lord is not really necessary in life. I know she knows better, but she is really not receptive whatsoever to crying out to Jesus for help. She's in a very bad situation in her personal and professional life and she just really could use prayer. Please pray that her situation will turn around and also most important please pray that she will open her heart to Jesus and begin to reach out to him. She has been lead astray and needs to get back into the fold. Your prayers would be so very much appreciated. God bless you and thank you for your prayers.
  • Health and Healing

    Urgent prayer request for myself and my significant other. He has a terminal illness and has sunk into a deep depression. He is currently refusing medical care and I am legally unable to force him to seek it. His health and body are continuing to decline and he does not want anyone to know how bad it has gotten. He is sinking further and further into a depression and is miserable and feels alone, as I have to work full time. I am struggling with the care that he is beginning to require and am trying to convince him to seek care but he is scared and claims he just wants to die. I feel alone, exhausted, and full of anxiety. It is starting to take a toll on me and my health, not to mention watching him slip further and further away. I am feeling overwhelmed and am not getting any help. I am not sure what to do or where to turn.
  • ROADBLOCKS, and Better choices

    Please keep PRAYING for our son Tyler, who is in a LONG DISTANCE ONLINE RELATIONSHIP with some girl he hardly knows, He is ALMOST ALWAYS sending HER MONEY, He just bought a AIRPLANE TICKET, Hes even gave Her the his SOCIAL SECURITY number and Credit card number information, He thinks he's IN LOVE, Please PRAY for DIVINE ROADBLOCKS and OBSTACLES, and BETTER CHOICES,, Please PRAY they BOTH God's Will, GUIDANCE over them, Our son already talking MARRIAGE to HER, We're All very Concerned and scared, Please PRAY for God's Will and MERCY, thank you God bless,
  • ROADBLOCKS, and Better choices

    URGENT PRAYER for our Son Tyler who is a LONG Distance ONLINE RELATIONSHIP with some girl he hardly, He is ALMOST ALWAYS sending HER MONEY, He even gave her his SOCIAL security number and Credit card number information, I feel like he's being played, Please PRAY for DIVINE ROADBLOCKS and OBSTACLES and Better choices, Please PRAY for Him, thanks, God bless.,

    URGENT PRAYER for our OLDEST SISTER who NEEDS to LEAVE our Parent's HOME, SHE came out a few MONTHS, to HELP OUT, our mom and dad,, Everyone thought she was off DRUGS, She NEEDS to GO.. She is STEALING, and doing DRUGS daily, She came out here to help our DAD, who very SICK, My sister is really trying to TAKE ADVANTAGE,, She NEEDS to GO BACK TO HER HOME., Please PRAY, thanks, God bless

    URGENT PRAYER for my DAD who was PLACED in A HOSPICE CARE FACILITY by his Wife,, He NEVER wanted to be put in a FACILITY. HE wants to go HOME, Just yesterday he told his wife that he wants to go HOME, to DIE, but he's Wife isn't listening, Please PRAY for DIVINE MERCY and HELP, GRACE getting my DAD BACK HOME ASAP,,, Please PRAY, thank you, God bless
  • My son

    Lord I know you know how much Bradley Poirier has gone through with medical problems the last four years and he needs a nice Christian woman to come into life. Lord hear prayer. Please give me the right words to comfort him. AMEN