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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Grandson's father

    pls pray he seeks Lord now & our daughter too
  • My husband

    My husband has addictions and is going through drug withdrawal. He really feels awful. I don't want him to drink.
    Please do pray for us.
    Thank you so much
  • My Son and grandson

    My son needs salvation. He has so much baggage that I would like to see it lifted one bag at a time. My grandson

    needs prayer for getting thru school. He's 15. He made a bad choice back in May that is costing him thru the

    court system. He also needs salvation. Both are in the know of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much.
  • Sisters

    Please pray for my sister who is in an abusive relationship and does not realize that this person does not love her. He verboly abuses her and has very low self esteem.

    Please pray for my other sister who is was started using drugs and is denying it to my parents. She is a teenager who is letting herself get influenced by friends and the world. Pray that they many be free from these addictions and return to God!!

    Thank you for your prayers.
  • Please pray for my son edgar

    Please pray for my son who had been sober since July, but lately he has been getting texts from his counseling group offering drugs. Please pray so he can stay strong, and know what to do.
  • Please pray For my husbands coworker

    My husbands coworker injured his arm at work really bad, he us on the hospital, please pray with us so doctors can save his arm and he can go back to his family.
  • Me and my daughter's job

    My daughter is having problems at her job. I just started a new job and I'm anxious about it
    Thank you
  • Reunited

    Long ago my sister and brother had an argument and my brother disappeared. I'm still in touch with my sister, still praying and searching for my brother. Recently my brother's wife found me online and soon I spoke with my brother for the first many years. This past Saturday, he and his family came to visit me and we spent the day together. I am praying for restoration for my siblings.
  • Salvation

    Please pray for my stepson to surrender and give his life to Jesus. He I think is more agnostic now but he is super into feeling smart and science. He has gone from saying he's a Christian to saying he's a girl to saying he's an atheist then communicating with demons then saying he's Christian then going back to saying he's atheist and now dating a girl who is into science as well who I think is more agnostic so I think that's where he's at now? He has seen God's hand in his life and has been taught truth. I believe his desire is to marry the lady he is dating and she has a daughter, so my prayer is for salvation for all of them so they can raise this young girl to know her Maker and His love for her.
  • Friend with a health issue

    Can you pray for a friend of our family named Bob that lives in Clarkston .. He is in ICU right now and is over 70 buy has a pretty young wife and 3 daughters that need him like all families to be around as long as possible .. So can you pray for him to return from the hospital healthy ..
    Thanks !!