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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Financial relief

    Please pray for me, I need financial relief I am drowning in bills, I make my payments but can not not seem to catch up due to many accounts, high interest rates & over the limit amounts. I have been trying to pay them off but I am not able to succeed in doing so, it keeps me up at night worried how th of ge th them paid off. Please pray for me.a
  • Speaking

    God has blessed me with the opportunity to speak/preach at several occasions this month. My request is your prayers that all may go well--that God will use me in a powerful way to positively impact the lives of those who listen.
  • Young Adult children

    Sons, 28 & 26 to settle on a strong Biblical church & seek strong Christian friends & no longer desire compromise with the world. Husband to have a strong desire to seek consistent time with them & not resist prompts from the Lord to spend more time with them...they would love it
  • Prayer for court Oct. 11 (tomorrow)

    My husband has, PTSD from terrible child abuse He was arrested for D.V.. when my children wouldn't get out of the car I knew it had to stop.He is a good Christian man, but has anger & paranoia about me. because of his past, 2 felonies. Please pray for what is best for all.for restoration of traumas & our marriage & family.Willingness to forgive & want healing.He has OCD & possible OCPD Pray for a renewing of the mind. I have had negative spoken to me.We need a miracle or 2 Lord Jesus, please bind spiritual oppression. set us free. Your Word bring forth the way we should walk the truth & your light to the very bottom of our hearts wounds. for transformation,not what the world says.Amen.Thank you Saints.May God bless you!
  • Coming up short

    I will be short for food this month the last two weeks of October. I am asking for prayer that a miracle happens. Thanks for the prayers.
  • Awaiting results of breast biopsy

    I had a breast biopsy Thursday 10/6 and I'm waiting for the results. This has come as quite a shock that a routine mammogram escalated to needing a biopsy. I'm praying for negative results and for peace in my mind while I wait for the results.
  • Prayer for comfort through divorce

    Carly asked for prayers as she is going through a divorce. Today especially is difficult because it is their 35th anniversary. She feels very alone. Please pray that she is comforted and that God puts the right people in her path - people who will support her during this time.
  • nightmares

    Hello.. I would like to ask prayers for my soul.. I had a troubled past.. I have been having nightmares for years.. Some of the dreams are so bad I wake up gasping for air.. I believe it is an attack of the devil.. I have asked God for help.. Please stand with me in Jesus name.. Thank you
  • prayer was answered

    I first like to thank the Lord for his miracle healing over my husband. he had fevers and chills for over 12 days and he was in the hospital for 7 days total. The Drs. couldn't find what was wrong they just said It was a virus. but God is Good !!! and I am so thankful for everyone that took there time to pray for my husband. God Bless You !!!
  • Scared and Confused

    Hello All ,, I moved to Kelso,Wa to be with my daughters and my grand kids. Now my back and my ankles hurt so bad. I don't know if I can hold a 8 hr a day job. I just turned 60 yrs old. I am crying my eyes out because I am scared. What do I do Lord ,, Tell me What do I do ? I don't know what the answer is. Help Me Lord ,,, Help Me.

    Thank You For Your Prayers ,,,