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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Our sister in Christ is disappointed in faith

    My good friend, Nadya is disappointed in faith. She is disappointed in Christ, and wouldn't pray, not read the Bible. Friends, pray about her, please. So sorry to look as of God is losting a faith.
  • I need a job!

    I have all I need to be an ambulance driver and I’ve been wanting the job for 4 years it just hasn’t worked out based on how often I’ve had to move. I have a small amount of experience as an EMT but I want so much more experience. Please pray for favor that I can get the job this summer!!! Thank you!
  • My daughter

    Hello, I am asking prayer for my 13 year old daughter, I just don't know where to turn to get her the help that she needs. This past year has been a major struggle for her with anorexia and thoughts of suicide. She has been admitted to the hospital a couple of times and is currently home but still struggling with wanting to live. I just pray that she has the strength to get though this and live the life that was intended for her.
  • SOS

    I need direction, answers, a financial miracle and physical healing. People need to know things from me. Please God, send in the cavalry.
  • Family Friend's Cancer

    One of my family friends has cancer, and it's been causing many troubles lately. If she could receive prayers, it would be wonderful. Thank you.
  • Lord, I Call for Your promises

    Please pray that our Lord will grant me His promises and reconcile Amy and I as He has instructed us to do per His Holy Word. Thank you for your prayers....
  • Her Heart Needs Prayers


    If someone can pray for my wife. Her heart is hurting, still dealing with her mother passing last year. She has had this bottled up inside. And only recently spoke to me about it. Since, she has almost checked out of our marriage. Completely lost her faith in Jesus. And given up on herself. She is so hurt, only God can heal. She seems so sad, that only God can wipe away her tears, and I'm so afraid of losing my wife. That only God can bring us back together again.

    Thank You.

    P.S. Thank You, for giving to the Lord, I am a life that was changed by You!
  • Prayer for my Father

    I am asking for prayers for my father. His name is Moises A. He is very sick and the nurses and doctors told us that they don't think my father will survive and that only a miracle will heal my father. I am praying for God's mercy and for a miracle. I'm praying that God can give my father more life. I am praying for God to start healing my father and for my father to gain strenght and for God to take the pain away. I know we all are going to die one day, I'm just asking God to give my dad more time. I am also asking for prayers for me and my family. This is a very hard time and we need prayers. Prayers to accept God's will, prayers to be at peace. Plese help me pray for my father.
    Thank you,
    Diana G
  • Family

    Daughter to have quick healing from her foot surgery & no more pain! Hubby & I to be able to fellowship soon with his bro & wife., our schedules are so different
  • Husband's Horrible Emotional Abuse

    Husband with huge spiritual battle (money idol vs Jesus) turns him into two different people - one loves me and tells me not to listen to the other him..and other tells me I only stay with you out of Jesus guilt, you're just dead weight being sick and don't bring me money, you're lazy, don't believe you're sick, he tells people and me he thinks it's all in my head and so they/him think I'm crazy and just need anti-psychotic meds. His layers of money as security God's peeling makes him a monster and sees me as enemy. The devouring one wakes up the next day saying you should know I don't mean any of that after putting me down for an hour and me crying and act like he didn't even think he said anything wrong he just says whatever he thinks/feels. I don't know which husband to believe (loves me or out to destroy me) - I just need His protection, strength and more trust in Him.