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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • work 2

    I put in my two weeks notice at work tonight.. The situation at that place became unbearable.. I really kind of need the money.. But I can't deal with this job anymore.. I am counting on God to send the right job my way.. I am going to have faith he will get me through.. I might have to penny pinch for a while.. I have a lot of debt.. It is kind of scary.. I will thank anybody who prays about my situation.. May God be with you all.. Take care
  • work

    First, I want to say a prayer for Guy.. I am praying for you on a daily basis.. I don't know why we face so many storms in life.. But I am confident God has a plan for us all, and a reason for everything.. And if I love you, I know he does too.. His love is greater then mine.. I hope you get well, and find comfort.. Remember the Amy Grant song.. about how God loves a lullaby.. You know the song ? He is working a miracle in your life.. And I know he will finish it.. You are a miracle from your head to toe.. and I know the Savior loves you.. I know he loves me.. I have my own burden.. About 22 years ago, I lost my mental health.. I nearly lost my soul.. I am messed up.. I have a beautiful mind.. Schizophrenia, bipolar, anxiety, social anxiety disorder, ptsd, depression.. I have overcome so much of it.. You will overcome brother.. Take care
  • Asking For Prayer ,, PLEASE

    Hello ,,My name is Guy ,,,I have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder . They tell me I stop breathing in my sleep. I am really scared ,,, I don't want to die. They say they have ordered the machine that will help me breath in my sleep. I have state medical ,, Molina ,,, Molina drags there feet when anything is ordered. I guess I am asking for healing but also just to stay alive until that machine gets here, Scary thing for me and I don't understand what part of my body is causing it.

    Thank You For Listening and For Your Prayers,,,
  • God's help

    I'm asking God to intervene and give me good health (mind, body, and spirit). to strengthen me against the spiritual snares of the enemy. And for guidance in all I do (work, school, marriage). Thanks!
  • Please lift me in prayer

    I just ask that the Lord continue to bless and be with my family. Touch Brandon's heart and help us to seek you in everything we do. Bless Josiah and keep him safe in your care, may he grow strong in you. May I have knowledge for my upcoming boards. Be with my mother and father and bless them. In Jesus name I ask it all, Amen!
  • Requesting special prayer for my Father

    My father is 84 years old and at the end of March he suffered his second lacunar stroke. What is different than the last one, even though they were almost exactly in the same spot in his brain and same type of stroke, is that this one has left him with a miserable tingling sensation in his right arm. For some reason this stroke has had more of an impact on him physically and more discomfort. So my specific prayer is that God would touch his arm and remove this strong and miserable discomfort he is having and prevent him from having any further strokes. My dad is a very selfless, kind, generous and loving person to all that come in contact with him. He is not deseving of this discomfort and it breaks my heart to see him suffer so. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time.
  • Lord, Please bring Amy back to Tom

    Lord, we ask that you would bring Amy back to Tom, in Jesus name, AMEN
  • JOB

    Praying for a job. Need strength and encouragement to keep on going. Feel God has forgotten me.
  • Desperately need prayer

    I listen to your station every day on the Tune In app while I’m working. I desperately need your prayers. Two weeks ago, my wife filed for divorce. I’m a Christian, and she was a Christian, and I tried hard to save my marriage but she didn’t want to. I can’t afford to keep our house, and she says she plans to keep the house. I also work from home, so I’m very scared of being homeless and/or unemployed. Please, please pray for me. I feel so alone and scared.
  • health issues

    Where to begin. For years I've had an issue where my pulse rate just shoots up out of the blue. A few months ago, it happened and for the first time, it wasn't going back to normal on it's own. Called 911 and they said it was a condition called SVT. Started seeing a cardiologist and he is recommending a cardiac ablation procedure to fix that. While waiting for that to be scheduled, started having pain in my upper right abdomen. Went to the ER for that and they are saying I'm having some gall bladder issues and have to go to a general surgeon now about that. And then yesterday at work, something popped in my knee and now I'm off work until I get cleared by an orthopedist because the ER thinks I tore my meniscus. "I know You're able and I know You can, save through the fire with Your mighty hand. But even if you don't. My hope is You alone."