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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Lost and Confused

    Forgive me for the way I sound. I just turned 60 in September of last year. I prayed and prayed for God to help move down by my daughters. I am down here now and can not get a job and I am running out of money. My back is all messed up , Doctors are talking surgery ,, my hearing is going bad ,, and now my knee's are acting up. I keep asking myself ,, what did I do ? I pray and pray ,, I am lost. Suppose to go talk to a surgeon Thursday. Praying for a miracle some where.

    Thanks For Listening
    I am praying for others on this site,,

  • Brother still in a Coma

    Please pray for my brother. I asked for your prayers earlier as he was on life support, and thereafter he was breathing on his own that very evening, so thank you. However, now my brother Ed is still unconscious and the doctors do not know why he isn't waking up. Please pray that he will finally come out of his coma sooner than later and God will guide the hands of the doctors and nurses to bring him back. Thank you so much for your prayers!
  • Multiple health issues

    Asking for prayer for all my injuries: nerve problems, migraines, damaged ligaments, sensitive teeth and gum problems, spine alignment, knee popping out of place, and TMJ. Thank you so much! Please Jesus heal all my problems.
  • Dear Friend's Surgery

    Please pray for Kathy who only found out last Thursday that she has a grapefruit-sized tumor on her ovary and is now scheduled for this morning.

    Please ask God for extra skill and wisdom for the doctors who perform the surgery as well as a gift of grace for the tumor to be benign and that they'll be able to get it all today. It's supposed to be a long surgery so also pray for strength for the doctors and the team.

    I'm asking God for a miracle for a special woman and that He will use this to bring her to know Him in a new way.

    Thank you.
  • Leadership Development

    Dear friends,

    My heart's desire is to be the leader that God wants; a servant. Please pray with me that God will open up opportunities for me to serve and to do it with a cheerful spirit. Also pray for me that i will be strong and courageous at my points of need, that i will love and not hate those who do not wish me well and who do not help me at my work, and that i will love and reach out and love and become wise so i can do excellent work and bring Glory to God, In Jesus' Name, i pray and believe, Amen
  • Mom

    Please pray for my mom who has a high risk pregnancy. Thanks!
  • Tooth ache.

    Please pray for my tooth had a deep cavity filled and its been in pain since i can not afford a root canal and really dont to remove it.
  • Pray for my brother Dave

    Please pray for peace and calm in the heart and mind of my brother Dave. He is manic and very angry and mean in this phase. Both to family and in public places in western Washington. (not here!) Pray for him to quickly transition to a depressed state which is much easier for family and everyone he is in contact with.

    Peace - calmness - contentment - change - management of mental health issues somehow, some way
  • Healing

    Will you please pray for me. I'm very sick. I might have numouna
  • protection

    I'm asking for prayers of protection and guidance through some trying circumstances. Please pray for stability in my job, and for my coworkers to be understanding and accepting of me.