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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Cont Prayer for my new job

    Hello :) I just wanted to come on here and pray for all of you and to ask for continued prayer for my new job. I just need prayer to be able to have wisdom from The Lord to make quick and wise decisions and to be able to understand everything about the job. Like Solomon prayed for, I would like wisdom in my job as well. I also pray that God helps me to get a long with all of my new co-workers and that they can see the light of Christ in me. I am used to being a stay at home mom who has spent that last few years staying home and worshiping and praising The Lord with my little 2 year old girl. I also ask for prayers for wisdom for my husband who just became stay at home dad. Roles have been reversed and we just pray for The Lord to bless this new role reversal. So, if you can pray for him too, that would be great! Thank you so much and God bless all of you!
  • Please pray for our income situation

    My daughter has health issues and we needs to travel to take her to doctor's appointments with out insurance we can't. I just had surgery on my left knee on 7/30/2014. I too need to travel. Then above all thing our car broke down 110 miles away from home. They want 500$ to fix it but only need half on down payment and then we have two months to pay the rest. So that is a blessing but we need the down payment and we do not have family that we can ask.

    Please pray that things work out today. That the car is able to be fixed. My hubby will not have a way to get to work if it doesn't.

    If anybody can help pray for the help of others to help with the car I would be so happy. I am freaking out but I know that the Lord will provide we just have to ask.

    Thank you

  • grandson

    Please pray for 15 month old Sawyer tonight. His parents took him to the ER because he seems to be in a great deal of pain and has been on and off hysterical all evening and everything tried has failed to comfort him. Pray for his young parents as they deal with the issues of their child in pain and the helplessness, worry, fear and confusion they are feeling.
  • Pray for Gary P.

    My father is asking for prayer for a co-worker named Gary P. Gary has colon cancer and is having major surgery on Monday 8/4. Prayers are needed for Gary and his family. "We have all experienced the power of prayer, so let's have faith in HIS WORD!"
  • Confused

    Please pray for me. I have recently attempted to come out to my parents as bisexual, but they have had a hard time understanding why I feel this way and, unfortunately, feel like they are to blame. Please also pray that my parents will soon be able to see that they are not at fault.
  • Prayer for my husband, Chuck

    Please prayer warriors. Pray for my husband, Chuck. I had to call 911 yesterday because Chuck was in so much pain that he couldn’t get out of bed. He had his first round of Chemo, last Friday and Saturday and the pain hit him yesterday, (Wednesday). He is at Yakima Regional Hospital to have the doctors try to get his pain under control. Please pray that God will give the doctors wisdom in how to treat Chuck and that his pain will go down so that he can manage it. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Not sure why

    Not sure why but going through a terrible week. Keep praying but feel forgotten by God. Have many needs and feeling overwhelmed. Have a lot of physical pain from an accident and migraines. Bills are really getting to me too and feel I am having a mental breakdown. Thanks for praying
  • Sexual Immorality

    I am dealing with a lot of sexual immoral thinking and actions. I pray daily for help and yet I find myself still doing the things that I know are wrong. I feel overcome by an unstoppable desire to cheat on my wife, to have sex with prostitutes, to even trying to pick up random women on the streets. It does not matter how much time I spend in God's Word I still can't seem to overcome these terrible desires. My marriage is being damaged badly, my wife doesn't know what to do to stop me, and I honestly don't know if I will ever be free from this terrible bondage. I know Jesus died to set me free and I believe He will help me to overcome, but I don't think my prayers are enough. I really need you all to pray for me and my beautiful wife Kathy, as we continue down this road of life.
  • praise report

    I also wanted to thank everybody who prayed for my brother in law Ed.. He never had a stroke.. He had pneumonia and an infection in his legs.. He is out of the hospital now, and doing much better.. Please keep praying for him though.. I believe God has a good reason for everything in this life.. It is hard to watch those you love suffer though.. Amen.. Thank you.. Your prayers are most appreciated.. And thank the Lord
  • Various things

    Hello folks.. I have so much to pray for, it will be hard to keep it in one prayer.. My family needs a financial blessing.. I found out my brother Chuck lost his job and his house.. And I need money to get married.. My sister Linda has been having problems with her neck, back, and shoulders.. Lots of fluid buildup, and pain.. My niece is hooked on meth.. And it is getting to the point she is selling her body for it.. My brother Clifford might have cancer.. I want to thank everybody who prays.. I come here once or twice a day and pray for everybody.. And I wish you all the best.. God bless..