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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Pray for me

    I need prayer I try to walk God's way but I feel that I am not good enough everything seems to be falling apart I really want to understand God's will for my life I want growth and to be used by God in the name of Jesus
  • Stress, health, job and many issues

    I have been daily giving my burdens to the Lord, but previously had let myself fall into a pit very low after a horrific divorce after my husband left me and my 2 children; one special needs, tried to evict us from my home and my attorney is still working toward me being able to keep the home despite the very uncompassionate deeds of my ex's family. My special needs son needs the safety of our small town and the things the Lord has laid in place for his safety. Additionally, I have health issues due to the stress of the divorce and lies my ex's family has spread in our small town making it hard for me to secure living wage employment. I know the Lord has a plan greater than I can imagine but I fall short some days, and need his strength! Thank you all for any prayers for me and my children. Bless you!
  • My friend needs help

    A friend of mine had some major family stuff go on that caused him to jot talk to me for quite sometime... Please pray for his health, his grandma's health, pray that he will find a place to live, and most importantly please pray that he finds a relationship with jesus. Thank you so much!
  • Prayer for my son

    My son, out of the service over a year now, is struggling with his life, purpose, and values. Please pray for the Father's love to enfold him, for Jesus and His gift of salvation to become real, and the Holy Spirit to convict his heart.
  • Family

    Please pray for our family. My husband is mad at me his wife. My son is hurting because of what my husband has said to him. My daughter in law took my husband off of Facebook. Because of that he is in a bad mood. I don't know if my son is saved. My husband is depressed.
    Thank you
  • stress

    I have a lot of stress.. Due to some things that are going on in my life.. Please pray that I would make right decisions.. There is a real David versus Goliath thing going on in my life.. Where a company wronged me, in so many ways.. And I don't know what to do about it.. Please pray for my emotional and spiritual well being.. Thank you
  • Pray for the mans soul and my protection

    Please pray for me. I've said some harsh things to a young man and it looks like he is spreading rumors about me after it trying to ruin my reputation of which he has repented of himself before. I couldn't sleep the night out of fear. Please pray for Gods protection and that He would take this pain and abuse away.
  • (no subject)

    I have a son who needs a swift kick from Jesus, he has just finished his court ordered'parenting classes", graduation this Tuesday, which means that he will get his daughter Iza for seven hours from having her only four hours; she loves to go to church. He goes to a spirit filled church, I pray that through her daughter, he sees Jesus Christ as the Lord of all. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Protection against viruses for the baby of my brother and his girlfriend.

    My brother's girlfriend is going to Mexico and were worry that she might be in danger of getting the Zica virus. Her name is Carmen J. Sanchez and she is pregnant with my brother' baby. Please pray that, while she is at Mexico, nothing will harm them.
    Please and thank you.
  • Bullying

    I have an extremely important meeting on Monday about a bullying issue. Please pray that God will be at the meeting and what needs to be said will be said and that actions will happen so that the bullying can finally end. Thank you!