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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Gods direction

    I know God never gives us more than we can handle, I'm at a point where I can no longer handle this very stressful and difficult situation. I pray for Gods direction, a new door to open for a promising new job, move out of the city I live in and a new positive beginning.
  • Work stress

    I have a difficult situation at work, please pray for the truth to surface to the top. I feel there are many lies, and feel a strong attack against me.
  • Shut off bill

    I am going to request prayer for a bill that is due in a week. Shut off notice is a week away. I am doing all I can to bring the bill down. Please pray that God will bring a miracle to my door right away. The stress is killing my heart.
  • Hope &'resolution

    I'm needing prayer for determination in my heRt & emotions to continue to be willing to start again in the town we moved from, due to hisband's job. He is also overwhelmed at work. I'm very lonely, as I'm just beginning to re-establish myself. I miss rest of family
  • missing Company ID & keys

    Dear God I pray You safeguard my ID and keys and they be returned to me quickly.
  • Thank You and Still Need Prayer For Myself

    Thank You to all who have praying for my daughter Jessica.

    But dad needs prayer.
    I have two lower vertebrae's in my back that are bone to bone. The doctor has been
    giving me cortisone shots to take the pain away but shots only last a month. In between
    the shots I am in a lot of pain. They are talking surgery next. I would love it if God would
    take this pain away. I know we are all getting older and our body's are falling apart. I am
    even having hearing problems. Just asking for God's help.

    Thank You Again For Your Prayers ,,,
  • Daughter on drugs

    Just found out my daughter is on serious drugs. 3br3She is married with three children ages 9,6,2. Her children are hurting as a result of this please pray for their family. And wisdom for me to help.
  • Prayer for my dad and brothers.

    I know I have requested pray on here a lot but I really need prayer for my Dad and brothers, jake and cole. My dad has taken on a contract for building cow fence for a rancher in the mountains and has promised him the first 5 miles would be done by february 18th. This may be an impossible task, please pray that my brothers and dad and monty work hard on the job and they do the best they can to finish the job, please pray for Jake's heart as he feels like quitting and keeps finding reasons not to work, put it on his heart to work and be glad he has a job. Please pray for my dad and brothers relationship.
  • Niece needs Help

    My niece is a senior in High School and she has not yet turned in her senior paper. I guess they can’t graduate if they don’t turn it in. She had a very rough past couple of years (her parents had a very messy divorce). Her school councilor assigned Saturday School for her this Saturday to finish the paper. I would really appreciate prayers to reach her heart to go and finish her papers. THANK YOU!
  • family weekend

    Please pray that when family is visiting on Feb 13,14 and 15th that it will be a blessing to all. Pray our son and son in law be blessed with each other. That the Lords peace and love will permeate our home during their visit. Pray that we all will enjoy each other immensely. Give me peace while I host a full house, give me the gift of hospitality so all will feel comfortable and blessed. Pray for safe travels. Thank you