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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Praise report

    I have had a hard life, have prayed countless hours but finally have some good news. I thought I'd share to give hope to others as I see people in the same boat as me. I had a wonderful appointment with the specialist about my mouth. I posted a prayer request here. I thought it would costs upwards of $10,000-20,000 and include bone surgery. I have a small savings and it will probably cover most of the costs and the remainder I can make payments and it shouldn't take too long. I still have some financial hurdles and will need God's help with some added bills but I will at least be able to have one procedure done to ease the pain and be able to have the rest done in about 8-10 months. He feels I can ease the other problems areas because they aren't that bad and are just irritated. Thank you to everyone who prayed over the appointment! I am praying for others here! God bless you all.
  • Overwhelming loneliness and depression

    Last year I suffered two losses. I got cheated on by my girlfriend and also lost my mother to brain cancer. Dealing with these situations has been hard. The feeling of loneliness has been always lingering since these events. I go through depression at times to the point where it is crippling.
    Please pray for me.
  • Prayer provision of needs

    Please pray that the Lord helps me and my loved ones and provides for us in our needs, and in our lives, in Jesus name.
  • prayer

    I am Ketal Patel from Gujarat in india. After study one year occur,but I have not job.now I am given a exam for scientific assistant job in indian metro logical department on last week. .so please pray for me so I will get this scientific assistant job.therefore i Will be use in jesus.
  • Job

    I’m looking for a new job my job is stressful and my dr
    Said I shouldn’t work there I’ve applied many other places pray I find a new job
  • Relationship Healing

    My brother and I do not get along. I just pray that God heals our relationship.
  • Starting our family

    My husband and I have been trying for two years to conceive our first child and have been unsuccessful. Please pray that we will soon be able to finally start our family
  • Prayers for Everyone here

    I am seeing a lot of hurt and pain here. I want to send out prayers for EVERYONE here. May the LORD bless your faithfulness and use these trouble times to develop and teach you his will. May he create Christ likeness in your hurt and pain. GOD bless you all. Am sorry for what everyone is going through. I pray you stay positive. Over come the pain. In JESUS name AMEN.
  • Broken

    I deal with a lot of physical pain and had a family member drop a bomb in my life and the way they did it was so cruel. I can't stop crying and I feel like I am having a mental breakdown and it's hurting my physical health. I call out to God and ask for my guardian angel too. I am so alone.
  • Health

    I have a lung biopsy on the 12th of December and ask for your prayers that it be nothing or something small.
    I am a insulin dependent diabetic with kidney failure, on dialysis 3 days a week. Earlier this year while in the heart cathe lab at the4 hospital they did several ablassions and when done my heart stopped for over 12 minutes. They feared damage and death but God kept me safe and brought me back this summer to almost full strength.