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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • lynette

    Please pray for Lynette who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
  • Baby with Heart Transplant

    Can u pray for my brother JOSE he has open.heart SURGERY on monday he not good has been under 4 times an died them 4 times his body can't take its anymore due to his type 1 diabetes
  • For food and furniture

    I just moved into my new place with my 17 month old daughter and I don't have nothing due to it getting stolen an lost. If anyone knows of and place I can get stuff for my place please call our text 509-731-9139 GOD bless
  • Pray for me

    Please remember me in your prayers. Lately, I have been a burden to my family or coworkers. I know I need God's love to change my heart. I have been impatient, unkind and unhappy. I know God did not intend for me to live like this, and desperately need His help. Please pray that He makes me a blessing to those in my life, that I will be calm and compassionate, rather than quick tempered and angry.
  • Being Blessed

    Went 3 days without power and heat. I prayed and prayed and now its finally back on. Thank You Lord
    But there is still a lot of people with out power and heat. Please Lets Pray For Them.
    Help the workers Lord and the people without power and heat Lord in Spokane.

    Thank You For Your Prayers and Thank You Lord For Your Blessings Lord.
  • Future

    Divorced mom of many going to be alone for the holidays needs prayer because I'm lonely and want a future spouse to share my life with please pray
  • Baby with Heart Transplant

    Please pray for my 6 month old daughter. She is a recent recipient (almost 4 weeks) of a new heart. Please pray for the donor family who selflessly gave her a new chance for life during their own suffering. Also for Emma Claire, who is having some difficulties with feeding and her lungs, and for her new heart to stay strong. Also please pray that God will continue to use Baby Emma's story to reach people to turn to Him. You can find details on Facebook. Her page is Prayers for Emma Claire.
  • Job Searching

    I'm needing a new job. Please pray that I find something soon. Thank you.
  • Thanksgiving plans

    We need Lord to help us make right decision about plans. Daughter new bf
    (She lives with him now against our advice) will put damper on our family dinner unless miracle in our hearts of unconditional love & confirmation Lord wants us to invite him
  • Daughter needs heart change

    Shannon needs Lord to soften her heart & turn Her around. Ex-fiance & her to forgive each other & reconcile if Lord wills. Peaceful visitation for them for their son