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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter heart soft toward Scriptures

    Pls pray our daughter will have a soft heart to receive Scripture...I've been sending Psalms & other encouraging scripture once/month and feel I should...pray Lord woos her back to Him
  • new home

    Searching for new home. Let his will be done. I think i have found the right one but it may already be taken. Help me to accept if it is not the one for me or finances to fall in line if it is. Thank you.
  • Friends in need of prayer

    Please pray for Brains, J-dubb, Raymond, Moses, Deanna, Tish, Fish, and Jessie. These are some friends I care deeply about. Pray for them to have open hearts, softened hearts, and to attend Warrior Leadership Summit 2015 in the summer. Transformation, Jesus generation to emerge. New hope, new life. Thank you for praying.
  • Stress

    Please pray for my family. We are currently building our first house through my husband's work and there are some legal issues arising with the business. We fear all our hard work and money toward our house will be lost. Please pray for peace and strength to trust God through this time. Please pray for me as I am stressing a lot and losing hair, weight and my mind. Thank You.
  • Great Grandson

    Please pray hard for my great grandson Bentley. He is 2 months old and in the hospital in ICU. He has a swollen brain and did have bleeding but thank God that has stopped. They have to keep him sedated to keep him still. It breaks my heart to walk into his room and see that helpless little baby hooked up to all kinds of machines. Machines to keep him breathing, oxygen in his nose, IV's in his neck and arm and they have to give him breathing treatments because he has asthma. Today I got news that they are cutting back on some of his medicine and they don't have to drain fluid off his brain anymore as he is flushing it out on his own. I know the good lord is with him and he hears us praying to him. All the prayers from anyone is grateful.
  • Pray for my daughter and son in law

    Please pray for my daughter and sin in law. They recently got marry, he got deployed and they are struggling with being honest and faithful to each other. My daughter is hurting so much. Please pray for them to be honest and to honor God in everything they do.
  • Son's job search

    Pls pray our son is able to talk to right person to get re-hired at Walmart.He was told he is eligible & needs the chance to talk to the right person
  • Forgiveness & understanding

    Please pray that we can get together this weekend as planned & my grouchiness while sick this past week will be forgiven. I want us to have a fun time soon & my apology to be accepted
  • Prayer

    I am asking for prayers to help me find a positive outlook on life after going through a rough patch with my husband. I pray everyday that I can learn to trust him again and find relief from the anxiety and depression that I feel.
  • Child with Cancer

    I am requesting prayer for a family from church. Their 3 year old daughter was just diagnosed with cancer on her spine. She will be going in for surgery Wednesday November 19 at noon. Please pray for this sweet little girl and her family as they are going through this, and for a healing in her little body