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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Confused

    Part of me doesn't believe in God anymore. I think maybe a small part of me still must because I am here but I just don't see the point anymore. The one and only family member I have in my life just treated me horrendously, lied and then called me a liar. I have a really abusive family. I have no one else and I can't get to a church right now. I am going through hell and my life is a waste and makes no sense. Every time I am able to finally break free something horrible happens. I just don't know what to believe anymore.
  • Pray for old friend

    I would like prayer for an old friend, I ran into him at a department store today and he looked like his mind was racing, He used to be into some hard drugs and I think he still might be on them. Please pray that God shows his love to him, his mom died 13 years ago and my friend has never been the same, I think he is mad at God and has turned to drugs and alcohol for coping. I pray he finds God and that somehow I can become a friend again, and show him the love of God, please pray I have wisdom and understanding to help him and all the other people that God is putting in my life to hopefully help. I also ask that God help me in my studies as I am going back to college.
  • Prayer for alcoholic son

    Please pray for my son who is in the Army and he has become an alcoholic.
  • financial

    Please pray for my husband and I. One of the people we owe money to is threatening to take us to court. We don't have the money. Or a way to get it. Please pray we would receive a financial blessing. Or Gods grace in this matter. Thank you. take care
  • Husband's blood pressure

    Please pray for my husband because his blood pressure is very low.
  • Chico

    Turned my youtube on to discover one of the organisation i follow just had a kitten come in who was boiled alive. he is alive and in critical. please pray for him his name is chico. Please also pray for the other animals that are under the care of places and people like these. god bless
  • Family's prayer needs

    Please pray for my son and his wife Ashley to conceive a child as they're struggling with infertility issues. Pray for God to use this hard time to bring them closer to Him and see His great love and care for them.

    Please pray also for complete healing for my great niece, 5 year old Aava, who fell from playground equipment at church today and was unconscious for a few minutes. The ER doctor examined her and sent her home, to be wakened every three hours.

    Please pray for Helen, my friend's healing. She had a severe nosebleed that hospitalized her for several days, which the doctor finally stopped but doesn't know the cause.

    And lastly, pray for Liz, a young mom for emotional healing and some mature Christian women to come alongside her and become the family she missed growing up.

    Thank you for your prayers.
  • Feeling helpless

    My 90 year old father is getting dementia and is starting to get violent. Today when my mom and I came home from church, he was very angry and accused my mom of lying and that I was in on it. He said he was going to end it all and start shooting. I was so scare I grabbed my mom and left for the police station. They said they could do nothing because he hadn't pointed a gun at us or make a direct specific threat. Please he was in his home. They were sympathetic but the law was the law. The officer gave us names of people/agency's that might be able to help. Please pray for our safety and for help for my dad and us. Thank you and God bless.
  • Prayer

    My mom just died yesterday. Dad and i have been listening and being comforted through the music you are playing. My mom & dad co-pastor our church and I am a ministry leader as well... We know she is in heaven, but we are so broken-hearted with the huge void she has left. Please keep us & my 2 sons in prayer
  • Discernment

    Please pray for guidance and direction in decisions that have to be made. Pray I know it is of the Spirit and not my desire of how I want it. Thank you.