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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for my husband, Chuck

    Please prayer warriors. Pray for my husband, Chuck. I had to call 911 yesterday because Chuck was in so much pain that he couldn’t get out of bed. He had his first round of Chemo, last Friday and Saturday and the pain hit him yesterday, (Wednesday). He is at Yakima Regional Hospital to have the doctors try to get his pain under control. Please pray that God will give the doctors wisdom in how to treat Chuck and that his pain will go down so that he can manage it. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Not sure why

    Not sure why but going through a terrible week. Keep praying but feel forgotten by God. Have many needs and feeling overwhelmed. Have a lot of physical pain from an accident and migraines. Bills are really getting to me too and feel I am having a mental breakdown. Thanks for praying
  • Sexual Immorality

    I am dealing with a lot of sexual immoral thinking and actions. I pray daily for help and yet I find myself still doing the things that I know are wrong. I feel overcome by an unstoppable desire to cheat on my wife, to have sex with prostitutes, to even trying to pick up random women on the streets. It does not matter how much time I spend in God's Word I still can't seem to overcome these terrible desires. My marriage is being damaged badly, my wife doesn't know what to do to stop me, and I honestly don't know if I will ever be free from this terrible bondage. I know Jesus died to set me free and I believe He will help me to overcome, but I don't think my prayers are enough. I really need you all to pray for me and my beautiful wife Kathy, as we continue down this road of life.
  • praise report

    I also wanted to thank everybody who prayed for my brother in law Ed.. He never had a stroke.. He had pneumonia and an infection in his legs.. He is out of the hospital now, and doing much better.. Please keep praying for him though.. I believe God has a good reason for everything in this life.. It is hard to watch those you love suffer though.. Amen.. Thank you.. Your prayers are most appreciated.. And thank the Lord
  • Various things

    Hello folks.. I have so much to pray for, it will be hard to keep it in one prayer.. My family needs a financial blessing.. I found out my brother Chuck lost his job and his house.. And I need money to get married.. My sister Linda has been having problems with her neck, back, and shoulders.. Lots of fluid buildup, and pain.. My niece is hooked on meth.. And it is getting to the point she is selling her body for it.. My brother Clifford might have cancer.. I want to thank everybody who prays.. I come here once or twice a day and pray for everybody.. And I wish you all the best.. God bless..
  • Healing

    Please pray with us for my niece, Debbie. I just got a call from her and she was told that she a blockage in her carotid artery and she has to have surgery on it tomorrow and then she was told that she had a blood clot that did not go up into her lungs, brain or heart, but went down into her foot and caused gangrene to set in and she will have to have part of her left foot taken off. She has been taking care of my sister, Shirley, and now she is having medical problems. Her son is helping take care of my sister and now will have to help take care of Debbie. Also, please continue to pray for Chuck. The pain in his lower back has been excruciating since he had his chemo treatment. The pain pills only help for an hour or two. I know that God is still on His throne.
  • My daughter and drugs

    Pray for my daughter Makelle . Drugs/Satan have her hard. I am starting to try and come to the reality I will out live her. So please pray she gets help and can find God for real and recover. Thanks Mike
  • family

    Mother went to live with Jesus!!!! pray for family greif
  • Fight

    Please pray for me. I am disabled person dependent on a family member, the only person I have to help me. We got into a huge fight today. I am very hurt and angry and have nowhere to turn. I am crying and overwhelmed. Thanks
  • Financial help

    Lord, I have debt due to a job loss from the economy, a large electricity bill and house needs. Please help supply the money so I can pay my bills. The stress is keeping me up at night. Amen