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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family

    I am asking for fervent prayer for my family, as life decisions are being made and all are not
    in agreement. Please pray for hearts to soften, thru forgiveness, grace, and mercy. Thank you.
  • Alcohol issues

    I am struggling with drinking. I really want to quit in Jesus' name.
  • Urgent Prayers Needed For My Daughters

    Please be in hard prayer for safe travel for my 2 precious daughters Allie and Cassie these next few days. Allie is moving across country to Alabama to get married and Cassie is accompanying her for safety reasons. They will be on the road until sometime Thursday (August 4th). And pray for Cassie for a safe flight back home on August 9th.
    Also pray that this new major life change for Alyssa will go well. That her decision to move and marry will be a good one and her transition will be a successful and happy one.

    Finally, I (Nancy their mom) am heartbroken and feeling a sense of great loss over Alyssa's leaving. Tears are my company these days. Pray that God will put a sense of reassurance and comfort on my heart and mind to help me thru the next few difficult weeks as I struggle to come to terms with this big new change in MY life as well.
  • Alcohol issues

    I am struggling with drinking. I want to quit in Jesus's name.
  • Marriage and Family

    Please pray for my Blended Family of 8! My Step Daughter who i love very much is creating some challenges and pressure to divide our family and it is clearly a spiritual battle. My wife is so torn and although i understand i also see the enemy just trying to divide and bring unnecessary destruction.

    Please pray for Complete healing and UNITY for our Whole family and that God would move within my Marriage and each child to bring a greater dependence on HIM and a more glory go HIM as we better represent the Family of God.

    We are under attack and I believe it is because we have 8 possible warriors for CHRIST. Please pray that my whole family would see this and be praying with me against the enemy and FOR a beautiful and joyful family.

    THANK YOU!!!

    Psalm 112
  • Parents home in foreclosure

    Please pray for my parents they have a home in foreclosure with a sale date pending this month. please pray that they can work out all the details to not have to move from this home. God is good. Amen
  • A cry for prayer and God's peace

    My name is Justin, and I've been having a hard time these last few weeks. I am really struggling to find God and build a relationship with him. I feel like he is so far away. I have no peace in my life right now, I am losing one of my best friends right now (my girlfriend). This is really hard for me because not only is she my girlfriend, but I am the type of guy who only has a few close friends. She was one out of two and I don't want to lose her. She means so much to me and she is one of the best friends that I have. Please pray that God gives me his peace and comfort. Thank you so much for all your prayer. It means the world to me to see that little notification that says a person prayed for me.
  • Heavens doors opened (continued)

    His name is Angel Bustos (a 13 year old boy who God allowed to enter the gates early in life), I just wanted to clarify his name correctly. The POWER of prayer is the tiny nerve that MOVES God's MIGHTY hand. In Christ Jesus alone, ask that His provision is on the family who lost their child. Again, thanks to all who take a moment to pray and trust that our Lord is in full control.
  • Heavens doors opened

    There was an accident in Ephrata, WA (Angel Bustows) fell from a cliff and was recently discovered... the family cannot afford a funeral and are asking for very little on a go fund me account that hasn't had much success. This 13 year old boy was my sister's son's friend which we are all feeling the pain and loss of a child so dear. My prayer request is that God moves mountains, strengthens faith, and provides. Very much appreciated and sincere gratitude, a friend when you need one, indeed.
  • Travel

    My sister and her husband are traveling tonight across the country with their three small children. They are stuck in Detroit, MI with a canceled flight and limited options. Their airline says that they are not able to get them on another fligth until Sunday. Because she only comes home once per year, she is sick about missing precious days and memories that had been preplanned. Please pray for the Tipton family tonight. Pray that they will find another airline carrier that can keep them together and somehow, she can get home tomorrow.