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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Life

    Life this week has been hard for me I've been emotionally drained financially empty and my boyfriend who I considered my best friend is shutting me out. Please pray my life gets better and I have a friend to share my life with. I feel alone.
  • Son to desire church/Lord

    Pls pray our 26 year old will go to church with his brother tomorrow & re-dedicate his heart to the Lord
  • Guidance to change job

    Pls pray I sense Lord's timing to change my job or not. If so, when & where
  • Son needs job soon

    Pls pray our 24 year old son gets the right job soon that will provide his needs & allow time for church & school
  • Daughter relationship l

    Pls pray our daughter has desire to serve Lord again & stop comprising with her fiance & trust Lord with her future
  • Israel

    Please pray relentlessly for the protection and blessings of Israel on a continual basis at this crucial time. Pray that for every single person & group who opposes/protests (name calling, etc.) or who attempts to boycott (hurting their economy), MANY more would rise up and support in tangible ways. Please be willing to speak out on their behalf (their are numerous ways to do this) and show Washington and President Obama that we will not turn our backs on Israel. Also, please pray specifically for the protection and encouragement of Prime Minister Benjaimin Netanyahu, Ambassador Ron Dermer, etc. Thank you SO MUCH.
  • My Son

    Hello Everyone ,,,
    First off want to thank all of you for your prayers for myself and thank God for being in our lives. Every year I have to take my son in to the doctor that watch's his blood pressure. My son has high blood pressure. The doctor sent us to the hospital to have a echo gram done of his heart. They do this once a year. This time the doctor called me today and tells me there is something wrong with the artery that runs from his lungs to his heart. I am worried so I figure I will get everyone praying because we all know God heals. We won't know anything till we get another appointment to the heart doctor. My son's name is Brandon. Please pray for him.

    Thank You.
  • brother-in-laws cancer

    my brother-in-law is in the hospital again for his lung cancer. it seems to have spread to the other lung they think. the cancer doctor is still giving him an experimental drug hoping it will extend his life a while longer. i am still believing and praying for his healing!! thank you for your prayer.
  • Pray for my teen son.

    Please pray for my son. He has had a long struggle. Health (a continued prayer request for healing), father relationship, just a lot of questions he has been asking and his faith has wavered at times. He has recently made a concerted effort to get closer to God. Not only is he reading his Bible more, he has been telling his friends that Jesus loves them and witnessing to those of another faith. All that as a prelude to explain the prayer request. He has recently, in the last two days, been experiencing a demonic attack while sleeping. I don't expect anyone to understand this, but I am asking that you would pray with me for victory over this. I have already anointed and prayed over his room and prayed with him. Please stand with us. Thank you.
  • Martha My Sister In Law

    Please pray for Martha. She had to to go to the ER this morning. She had severe abdominal cramps. I am still waiting for word on how she's doing. Also, please pray for my peace of mind. God Bless!!!!! Ron