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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • work

    I emailed voc rehab about helping me find a new job.. Please pray that something would open up.. That they would help me.. Thank you
  • I feel so lost

    Tonight I am asking for prayer and that God guides my daughter on this path she has choose. Recently my daughter left the state to go with a man she met online. Through this process she walked away from her teaching career and our family. Her and I have always been very close and since leaving she will hardly commicate with me. She does not speak to her dad or brothers. She has health issues and does not seem to care about anything. To top things off she has gotten herself financially in debt due to this man and his family. She has always been a very strong minded girl and all of this is so out of character for her. This is extremely hard as our family is very close with one another. I worry about her safety and just ask for prayer that God will open her eyes and touch her heart. I would really like to have the relationship with my daughter back. Thank you for your prayers!
  • kidnapped dog

    Pleas pray for a woman who lives in my area to be reunited with her small dog, who was taken when she briefly got out of her car to use the ATM, and a guy snuck up and stole her car, which she ran after, screaming, "my dog!" She stayed up, crying all night. Please pray that the dog will be protected and miraculously reunited with her. THANK YOU so much!
  • Survival!

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive Life!Please say a prayer for me I am homeless in NYC at 71 years of age and fighting for my life thank GOD I am saved! brother Danny 10/18/17
  • Sister

    My sister in CA has mental health issues. Parents elderly and running low on money. When I talk to my husband about us helping he only wants to pray. She is on disability and my prayer is that she would be motivated to cooperate with her doctors & my mother
  • Husband

    Just pray for my husband. He has been going through these ups and downs . He needs to get out of this funk. Pray the holy spirit would wash over and rid him of this emotional pain. Thank you.
  • Sister's healing & miracles

    Prayer wanted for sister to be healed emotionally from her bipolar condition & her husband will desire to work on their marriage and desire reconciliation
  • Prayer for adult children

    Please pray our children can sense the love of Jesus wooing them back to him & that we can have an open door and willing hearts to return to church
  • job

    I have the same problem as Lynn.. I took my job cause I needed the money.. And it was bearable for a while.. Now it is like hell going to that place.. I am not where I want to be at in life.. I tried to get voc rehab to help me find another job, but they are hesitant about helping me.. I am tired of working this hard.. I work in the restaurant industry.. I am a dish washer.. I don't mind working hard, but I am not young anymore.. Sometimes I have to wash dishes for 60 tables.. At times during the week, I can't keep up.. Not only that, answer the phone.. Some food preparation.. Please pray that God would open doors that I could escape this place.. Thank you
  • Tired

    I'm tired, depressed. Truly grateful for the good but exhausted. I need prayer that God will provide a way for me to rest. Your intercession would ve so appreciated. Thank you!