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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Help for my son

    My son has ADHD and is having issues at school and home. Please Lord give us your strength and guide us to help him to get where he needs to be.
  • down

    I am very down today. I am at the Red Sea and the enemy is behind me. I have no options, no direction. I need a financial miracle. A person was very cruel to me today.
  • JOB

    Job hunting is wearing on my health, my anxiety is high, I'm stressed, worried and scarred and no doors seem to open for me. Please Jesus let this end.
  • God, Grant Me Your promises

    Please pray that God will grant me His promises and restore the love between Amy and I and reconcile us back together, in Jesus name, Amen!
  • Surrender

    Please keep me in prayer as I seek to fully surrender myself to God. I need Him.
  • total hip replacement on Thursday 5/10/18

    Pray that the lord will guide the hands of the surgeon and that surgery will be a success. That I will not be anxious tomorrow but that I can remember to keep putting my hope and faith in our Heavenly Father.
  • Pray for Amie and Zoe

    Pray for the safety of 'Amie' & 'Zoe', my daughter & grand-daughter. May God surround & guide them with His protection, peace & presence.

  • moving forward

    I pray that God heals me and shows me the direction to move forward.
  • House Hunt

    Our family has my husband changed jobs back in April, at that time we had to give up our rental house because it came included with the old job. We have an approval for a VA LOAN, but in the meantime we are living in 2 bedrooms upstairs with 4 kids at my in laws. We have offered on 3 homes and lost each one to higher bidders. Please praying for a home to come thru soon.
  • painfull medical condion

    Connie is suffering from a very painful medical condition and requests prayer to help her get through it until she can obtain medical aid.