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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Draw me closer to You, Lord

    I am so grateful for how far God has brought me since I came to know Him again this summer. I am thankful for my health, children and that we are blessed with a working car and a place to live. I ask for prayer in bringing my fiance closer Christ so we can walk this together, and that we find a church home we both feel we belong at. I as for continued guidance in trusting my everyday as well as my finances to the Lord instead of relying on myself and that I find a Christian friend to connect with. Thank you for your prayers
  • Jes

    My daughter's brand new Christmas present is missing. She didn't even get to play with it yet. Please pray it will be found soon.
  • appt.

    Fridge died and waiting on an important document to arrive in the mail. I have lots of appts. Praying that they go smoothly today. Feeling very stressed and didn't sleep enough. Also out of food and hoping that I can get to the store before they close early and that my appts.dont take too long. I am disabled and feeling sick.
  • Mother In Law In Hospital

    My m-i-l is in the hospital and is not feeling well and recently began having chest pains. Please pray for her, for the family, and for the medical staff. Thank you so much.
  • Miracle

    Need some Christmas miracles. Please pray for me. Having a rough day.
  • Travels

    I normally do not post in this area for me but for others. Today i ask for you to Please prayer for me Wed and Sat as I travel to and from MT to spend Christmas with my Dad. He will be alone the majority of Christmas Day, and my heart is so sad for him. I have to travel 6 hours, and 3 mountain passes with concerns of weather and temperatures cold. I cannot leave until after work Wed with night time so hard to see in. I need to be there for my Dad yet I need to be safe. I ask that prayers for my travel be safe. Thank you all and Merry Christmas!
  • peace

    please pray for my daughter and her children that her x-husband will stop harrassing and bullying her and the children.
    She is fearful for her children's and her safety. They are afraid of him and do not want to visit him, please pray for him as well.
  • move

    I need to move from my current residence but need so many miracles. I just have to keep praying that God will solve my problems. Thanks!
  • University Acceptance

    I'm actually a Senior High School student from the Philippines who listens to PLR online and I would really appreciate it if you could pray for me and my friends to get accepted by our different dream universities for college. We really worked hard to ace the extremely difficult tests and I'm just really praying that God would grant us that gift of acceptance from these universities. Thank you very much :)
  • My daughter Rebecca

    Please pray my daughter Rebecca ! C.P.S. has her daughters Angelina and Ericka who are 9 years old. She is going with too many men posted many pictures online. Pray for deliverance from the unclean thing and from the world, drugs, alcohol. Pray that my daughter will have a wake up call. Pray that she will go see her children! Pray that C.P.S. will let me see my granddaghters and placed with me! prayer is that my daughter makes a turn around and that she will not feel the need for a man around her all of the time daughter will have a sense of integrity and will want to serve Jesus Christ and put Him first in her life! Pray for purity of mind and body for my daughter Rebecca! protection me as I am very upset encouragement PEACE of mind. Pray PEACE FOR REBECCA WHO HAS HAD MANY OFFNECES HAPPEN TO HER AND STARTED WITH HER FATHER! come home in Jesus Christ name I believe miracles